Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Singing at the Madrid Temple

This is the  Spain MTC choir singing in front of the Madrid Temple on July 28th.  Scott and Beverly Zimmerman took these pictures of the missionaries on Sunday. The Zimmermans are serving a temple misson in Madrid Spain.  (Scott's mother Ardell was married to Ben's grandfather Keith Adamson.)    They also met Ben and his companion in the temple on Thursday.  


If you go to this link you can hear the missionaries sing Call to Serve.
Thanks to Scott and Beverly

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Madrid at Last

  I just arrived in Madrid, España a couple hours ago!  Its kind of crazy being here in real life, but i got here safe after both flights.  I sat next to Elders Allsop, Adams and Church on the flight from SLC to Atlanta and then I sat next to Elder Adams on the EIGHT HOUR FLIGHT to Madrid.  It´s 11:00 am here right now and I got like an hour and a half of sleep on the plane tops.  So we´re off and getting ready now.  We just got our chapas (tags) and companions.  My companion´s name is Elder Sorensen and I´ve met a lot of awesome people so far.  I forgot to say I gave a BOM to a few girls in Atlanta before we got on the plane!  I´m doing well, but the MTC is just a bit stressful so far.  I couldn´t get my email account to work for a bit so i had to just sit here and wait for an English speaker to help me while everyone was typing away to their families, but it worked out and I´m writing now.There aren´t a ton of people here who speak good English, so I´ve had to weasle my way through a few conversations with my gringo Spanish.  Dallin and I are in the same zone!  we´ve been joking all day about how crazy this whole thing is, but we love it!  I love the mission so far and it´s really exciting and there are lots of things going on that I still don´t understand (including this Spanish keyboard).  Well, I was supposed to only take 5 minutes to let you know that I´m not dead, so that´s why this is kind of a wimpy letter.  Also, excuse the errors because I wrote this at about 5 million miles an hour.
Love and miss you so much!
Love, Elder Adamson

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our farewell to Elder Ben Adamson this morning at Salt Lake Int'l Airport

Well... the day has finally arrived...all too quickly. Ben has had many wonderful days of sweet goodbyes from all his friends and family. This has taken place in person--over the phone and internet--and with cards--expressing your heart felt love and concern. This is a bitter-sweet moment for us. We are sad to see him go...but happy knowing how he will grow. 

Today the two female clerks at the airport who assisted Elder Adamson were very sweet to him.  They reminded him to write home often and wished him well on his mission.  He was reminded to stick close to his mom until they had to part. I'll bet they were the mothers of missionaries. 

We left him in God's hands for the next two years and are excited for the GREAT work he will do by being about his Fathers business. 

A special thanks to all of you who have had a hand in Ben's becoming.... It is a tender mercy for Ben to serve with his good friend Dallin Farrell. His family has been a great support to Ben. 

These two new Elders have been great companions this past year! As we have come to learn...there are no coincidences in the Gospel...these two Elders will bless our brothers and sisters in Spain. 

We anxiously await hearing about Elder Adamson's experiences. We will keep you posted....