Monday, February 24, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 2/24/2014

Saludos de España!

We had a great week here and I´m super excited to report about it.  Here goes.

Tuesday, we had our last district meeting together before Hermana Wilcox went home  and Webb changed areas.  It was a good, fun, and spiritual meeting.  After we finished, we went and ate at a Mexican restaurant.  My burrito tasted like a McDonalds cheeseburger.  For real. people in Spain don´t know what they´re missing.

 Later that day we hurried home and got everything ready for the BAUTISMO.  After mediodía ( noon) , we took a train to Sevilla with A... and J... and got the font filled up and everything ready for the service.  It went great and the boys had all their family there to support them as well, even though they aren´t members (yet).  After they were baptized, they came up out of the water just smiling from ear to ear and kept telling us how "gozoso" they felt (joyful).  They were so happy. 

 After the service was over, we stopped by the McDonalds at the train station and ate together with the Hermanas and the boys, and Elder Woodford bought us all McFlurrys.  What a guy!  Great day!

Wednesday, we stopped by to visit E.. because she was sick (J.. and A..´s older sister) and gave her a blessing.  She´s a really awesome person, and I can see her being baptized soon, but she´s got a boyfriend.  We´ll see what we can do.  Later we found a new investigator.   He´s pretty atheist and he was asking us if God could create a rock so big he couldn´t move it.  Ooooooooohhhh myyyyyyyyy.  We´ll see how things go with him.  We also said goodbye to Hermana Wilcox and she took a train to Malaga and then headed home.  The new Hermana here is awesome and her name is Hermana Folsom.  She´s from Washington and she looks a lot like Lindsay, ha ha.  Later we took A... and A... to seminary for the first time and they both liked it a lot.  That´s about it.

Thursday, we helped A... P... push his car to the mechanic and then they fed us some tarta.  After that we just kind of had some back luck and walked around most of the day.

Friday, after mediodía we found a new investigator and his 3 sons.  His name is P... and he's from Bolivia.  He is really nice and he´s got quite the past, but things are looking good for him.  He doesn´t talk in full sentences though and I can´t tell if it´s because he thinks we´re dumb and can´t understand him or if he just talks like that. ha ha, but he´s nice.

Saturday, we stopped by to see X... for a bit and she was super sick.  She´s not doing very well lately and just has a ton of things on her mind, but she always brightens up a little when we share a message with her.  Later, we went to visit A... at his house and watched the Joseph Smith movies with him and he really liked it.  I love it still, even though I´ve seen it quite a few times on the mission.

Sunday, we had a pretty weird sacrament meeting, ha ha.  Just to name a few things there were pet birds in the chapel for a little while, and we sang an entire FOUR VERSE SONG to the music of a different hymn.  Super awkward, but every ward has their days. ha ha  I also had to sing in a musical number with the Bishop and first counselor and we literally didn´t practice at all.  I stood up to go sing with them and they were both looking around and saying "Which one are we singing??......... Elder Adamson, do you know this song??"  Oh dear.  What a day.

This week we watched the Mormon Message of Elder Holland´s testimony of the Book of Mormon.  He bears very powerful testimony of the truthfulness and importance of the Book of Mormon.  Some times we take it for granted that we have the manual, combined with bible and other scriptures, at our fingertips.  They are not just books, but they contain the word of God and the doctrine of Salvation.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is true and that through it, we can find our way back to our Heavenly Father and learn to be like Him.  Teague once told me in an email that it is the "Key to our salvation" and that´s really stuck with me. It´s true!  Let´s not take it for granted!

Are you doing much cooking in your apartment or do you eat most of your meals with members?
           We cook about 90% of the time.  You´d be surprised how healthy we eat though, mom.  Veggies and everything.
    How are you doing with teaching with the members?  
            We´re doing well.  A lot of the willing members here are busy, but we´re trying to up the number of MP lessons we have every week.

    Dad, they do huge paella´s here instead of weenie roasts.  like HUGE ones in pans the size of Volkswagens. 

    That´s all for this week!  The weather is slowly but surely getting warm here and I´m preparing myself for the Sevilla heat, because I´ll probably be here until about June or so.  Have a great week!.  LOVE YOU!!

    Elder Adamson

    Monday, February 17, 2014

    Elder Adamson's Letter 2/17/2014

    Hello everyone!  Here's the week!

    Last Monday, we went to Alcalá for our P-day and visited a castle there, which was super cool.

       Later, we went bowling with our district at a little place they had there and it was lots of fun and only 3 euros for 2 games. Not bad at all! 

    That afternoon we went to visit the girls and they were super crazy again. Things aren't looking too good for them and things have really gone down hill since their mom didn't let them get baptized.  But we'll try with them for a while longer.  Later that night we visited our Nigerian friend Samuel and talked to him about a few commandments.  He´s a menos activo and          he´s going to a different church in Sevilla right now so we´ll see if we can get him to come back.  He's an awesome guy.

    Tuesday, we had a district meeting in the morning and then after I went on an intercambio (exchange) with Elder Justiniano to Alcalá.      He's just finishing his training, but he´s a really good missionary  He's from Bolivia and lives in Madrid.  We visited a few of his investigators and one of them was a Muslim women.  WOW, I was so impressed.  Just about everyone here has taught a few Muslims on their mission, but not one who is progressing like this one.  She has a fecha (date) and everything.  I was amazed when I saw her taking notes from the lesson we taught her.  After we finished working, we bought a whole chicken on the way home and ate it after planning. :)

    Wednesday, we went to A... and J...´s and got to teach a little from the Book of Mormon and then a little English to their older sister who we are also teaching a little bit now.  Later we went to visit M..., and she was very well behaved because her sisters weren't there.  Then we headed over to the Noche de Hogar (FHE) in the capilla (chapel) and had some super good laughs there with the games we played.

    Thursday,  we did a lot of walking but ended up visiting X... and L..., the girls, and the V... kids.  Not too much of an eventful day. ha ha, that´s about it.

    Friday, we stopped by J... and A...'s house to make sure all their baptismal clothes fit and everything, and they looked great.  They're super excited for this Tuesday.  Then we made the program for the baptism and went back over to their house to talk about Temples with them. 

    Saturday, we didn't have a ton of luck either, but at the end of the day after a lot of walking around, we were able to visit M... S... and his 4 sisters happened to be there.  We chatted with them for a little while and then shared a scripture with them.  We talked to them after to see if we could come visit them sometime, but unfortunately, they all threw out the "we´re too busy" card.

    Sunday, we picked up J... and A... for church and A... was all ready in a white shirt and tie, looking good.  We had some really good speakers from the Stake since it was ward conference and talked a lot about the work of rescuing.  Later that night, we visited a member named R... and his wife J... and they made us some super good food.  R... just got surgery on a few herniated discs he has in his back, but he´s doing better now.

    This week I've been so amazed with A... and J... and how much they understand about the gospel.  They understand the ¨why¨ of the gospel and they have great testimonies.  They've been doing their part and in return, the Lord has blessed them with those testimonies.  There´s nothing that I love more than seeing that in the mission.

    That's a wrap!! Have a great week!  Love you so so so so SO much.
    Elder Adamson

    Monday, February 10, 2014

    Elder Adamson's Letter 2/10/2014


    Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!  It´s been a really great week!  Here´s how it went.

    Monday, we went to Sevilla and ate at a 50´s diner they had there and it was pretty alright.  ha ha Nothing like a good JCW´s burger though.  Then later we were checking out some of the stores around there and we walked into Zara.  I found a suuuuuuuper good looking suit for only 32 euros, so I bought it because it fits me super well.  I thought I could justify buying it since it was so cheap.  It was basically clearance of all clearance, but it was a good buy,         don´t worry.  Later that night, we headed over to teach the girls some English and they were crazier than ever.  Then we stopped by X... house to share a message with her because she was feeling a little down.  She's got a lot of stuff going on lately, so it was good to go and talk with her.

    Tuesday, we went to visit R... and R.... We did a good Noche do Hogar (FHE)with them about the plan of Salvation and it was a lot of fun.  After making a few other visits, we headed over to X...´s house and read Elder Holland´s talk from last conference with her and gave her a blessing.  Nights like that are awesome because it´s the pure ministering part of missionary work.

    Wednesday, a menos activo named M... S... invited us over to eat breakfast with him.               He´s struggling with smoking right now, but he´s got a huge heart.  You can tell he just loves the people around him so much.  We chatted for a while and after sharing a message, we got to play the guitar together a little.  That night we visited J... and shared a message about the Brother of Jared with him.  We went to A... M..., and P...´s house later and then to the Noche de Hogar and played some SUUUPER funny games there. Everyone was laughing their heads off by the end.

    Thursday, we went to J... and A...´s house to do a preinterview with them for their baptism and things went great.  They know their stuff well.  Right after we went and talked to their mom and she gave us verbal permission for the boys to get baptized, so that was awesome. They will be baptized on the 18th of February. WOOOOOOOO :)  They´re super ready.  Later that night we went to M...´house and shared a little message about the commandments and then he fed us some cena (dinner) complete with fried platanos (bananas).  MmmMmmmMmmmmmmm.  

    Friday, we had a Zone Meeting in Sevilla where I picked up my package.  Thanks so much mom and dad.  I loved all of the candy and the pictures you sent on the flash drive as well.  Thanks so much.  Later that night we taught some English in the capilla and then met with J... J... who is turning into a long term eternigator. pfffffft...  Later that night we went to J... and                   A...´s house and got to meet their sister and niece and talk about the church with her.  They´re little missionaries now and invited us to come talk to her.

    Saturday, was a great birthday and a big rain storm.  We got soaked on our way to eat with the V... family, but it was fun there.  You probably all won´t believe this.  I ate some big ol shrimp at their house.  The kind you have to peel and eyes, legs and shell off off.  What a birthday lunch. ;)  It was alright though.  Later that day, there was an Elders Quorum activity.  We went with a couple members to visit some Menos Activos in Montequinto and it was awesome.  The member bore very powerful testimony and showed the people so much love.  The spirit was very strong in those meetings.  Great Birthday!  Also, later that night, the Hermanas Kunz and Wilcox dropped off some donuts and candy for my birthday.  

    Sunday, J... and A... came to church and A... even got up and bore his testimony and invited everyone to his baptism.  Super awesome. After church, we came home and ate and then headed out in another rainstorm to L... and X...'s house and chatted a while with them and talked to X...´s brother about the church, then we went out again and the wind was blowing tons and we both got soaked, so we stopped by J... and A...´s house to seek refuge. ha ha  We dried off a little there and then shared a Mormon message video with them from my flash drive and it was really good. That´s a wrap!

    This week I´ve been reading in the Gospels a lot.  Something that you can´t miss when you read them is how much faith is mentioned.  One of my favorite stories is when Jesus asks Peter to walk to Him on the water.  He has enough faith at first, but when he sees the waves get bigger he starts to fear and sinks.  Immediately, Jesus reaches out and catches him.  I love that story because it shows us that if we have faith in Christ, we can not only do great things, but do great things just like He does.  Christ walked on the water and invited Peter to do the same. When Peter feared he sunk because fear is the opposite of faith, but even when he messed up, Christ was there to pull him back up to the surface. To His level.  I love that story.

    Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.  Love you all!

    Elder Adamson

    Monday, February 3, 2014

    Elder Adamson's Letter 2/3/2014

    Hello Family!!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  Also, thanks for sending all the pictures. Here´s the week.

    This Tuesday, we had a specialized training in Sevilla with President and he shared a really awesome lesson about being bold by extending invitations.  After we came home from the conference, we headed over to J... and A...´s house and taught them about tithing, and they accepted it with no problem at all.  Good good kids.

    Wednesday, we went to Montequinto which is a pueblo that is in our area.  There are a TON of menos activos there so we headed out to try and visit a few.  We got in with a lady named M... J... who hasn´t been to church for quite sometime, but she has a really good relationship with the church.  Later we were able to catch S... at home as well.  He´s suuuuper menos activo.  He welcomed us a right in though and chatted for a while with us.  We´ll keep visiting those two and see how it goes.  Later we ate with A and her family and had some super good curry rice.  In the afternoon, we visited  X... and then went to the capilla for the Noche de Hogar.  Elder Woodford and I taught a little lesson on Apostasy and after we played signs with the people who came.  lots of fun that night.

    Thursday was a miracle day indeed.  We headed over to J... and A...´s house and taught them about fasting and they were all in to fast the next fast Sunday.  After that we took a little tour of the new capilla and then we had two citas in a row fail us so we went to visit a young member named C... M....  He´s usually never home, but his abuela let us in and he was asleep on the couch.  Here come the Miracles.  We talked with A... (abuela) for a while and she had told us that in the Dominican Republic she had gone to church for 16 years straight, but she couldn´t get baptized because she couldn´t give up the beer.  We talked to her and she told us that she has only been drinking 1 bottle a week which is almost nothing.  She wants to be baptized but that´s been holding her back.  We asked her about "cero/cero" which is dealcoholized beer that tons of people drink here.  It has NO alcohol in it so it´s fine and we told her she could try that.  She didn´t know she could do that, so she´ll give it a try and we´ll see where things go. :)  Also, C... had a cousin there that grew up in Italy who got baptized in the Dominican Republic but hasn´t been to church since he was a little boy.  We were his first contact with the church for like 11 years because he´s 19 now.  And he seems to be willing to change his life and come back to church.  AWESOME CITA.  I could hardly believe it when we walked out.

    Friday was a pretty average day.  We went to Montequinto again with no luck and then we got failed for English class as well, so we ended up the night with X... and L..., and also stopped by to visit J... and A....

    Saturday, we taught English to E... and things went really well (Even though she made us share a message from the bible) and then we had Stake Conference in Sevilla and we all sang during the session.  It was pretty cool and at the end of the session we got to sing the mission hymn "O Vos Los Llamados" (Oh, you, the called) for the congregation.

    Sunday, we had conference again and it was transmitted from SLC.  Elder Ballard spoke for all of the Spain/Portugal area and it was really cool.    We came home and got in with M... and chatted about coming to church with him.  He´s willing, but he´s FLOJO beyond belief.  Later we visited the P... family and they hooked us up with some hot chocolate and cookies. :)

    During the conference this weekend, one of the speakers talked about how important it is for us to REMEMBER what we learn and the principles we need to apply (Mosiah 4:30)  We must always watch our step and always remember where we´re going and why.  Like it says in the Scripture, "Remember and perish not".  Reading the scriptures doesn't mean anything if we don´t remember to apply them. Christ's atonement doesn't help us either unless we remember to apply it.

    Anyway, this has been an amazing week in Dos Hermanas.  I'm learning a ton and enjoying the work. Hope everything is going well. 

    Love you all! 
    Elder Adamson