Monday, February 17, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 2/17/2014

Hello everyone!  Here's the week!

Last Monday, we went to Alcalá for our P-day and visited a castle there, which was super cool.

   Later, we went bowling with our district at a little place they had there and it was lots of fun and only 3 euros for 2 games. Not bad at all! 

That afternoon we went to visit the girls and they were super crazy again. Things aren't looking too good for them and things have really gone down hill since their mom didn't let them get baptized.  But we'll try with them for a while longer.  Later that night we visited our Nigerian friend Samuel and talked to him about a few commandments.  He´s a menos activo and          he´s going to a different church in Sevilla right now so we´ll see if we can get him to come back.  He's an awesome guy.

Tuesday, we had a district meeting in the morning and then after I went on an intercambio (exchange) with Elder Justiniano to Alcalá.      He's just finishing his training, but he´s a really good missionary  He's from Bolivia and lives in Madrid.  We visited a few of his investigators and one of them was a Muslim women.  WOW, I was so impressed.  Just about everyone here has taught a few Muslims on their mission, but not one who is progressing like this one.  She has a fecha (date) and everything.  I was amazed when I saw her taking notes from the lesson we taught her.  After we finished working, we bought a whole chicken on the way home and ate it after planning. :)

Wednesday, we went to A... and J...´s and got to teach a little from the Book of Mormon and then a little English to their older sister who we are also teaching a little bit now.  Later we went to visit M..., and she was very well behaved because her sisters weren't there.  Then we headed over to the Noche de Hogar (FHE) in the capilla (chapel) and had some super good laughs there with the games we played.

Thursday,  we did a lot of walking but ended up visiting X... and L..., the girls, and the V... kids.  Not too much of an eventful day. ha ha, that´s about it.

Friday, we stopped by J... and A...'s house to make sure all their baptismal clothes fit and everything, and they looked great.  They're super excited for this Tuesday.  Then we made the program for the baptism and went back over to their house to talk about Temples with them. 

Saturday, we didn't have a ton of luck either, but at the end of the day after a lot of walking around, we were able to visit M... S... and his 4 sisters happened to be there.  We chatted with them for a little while and then shared a scripture with them.  We talked to them after to see if we could come visit them sometime, but unfortunately, they all threw out the "we´re too busy" card.

Sunday, we picked up J... and A... for church and A... was all ready in a white shirt and tie, looking good.  We had some really good speakers from the Stake since it was ward conference and talked a lot about the work of rescuing.  Later that night, we visited a member named R... and his wife J... and they made us some super good food.  R... just got surgery on a few herniated discs he has in his back, but he´s doing better now.

This week I've been so amazed with A... and J... and how much they understand about the gospel.  They understand the ¨why¨ of the gospel and they have great testimonies.  They've been doing their part and in return, the Lord has blessed them with those testimonies.  There´s nothing that I love more than seeing that in the mission.

That's a wrap!! Have a great week!  Love you so so so so SO much.
Elder Adamson

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