Monday, May 25, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/25/2015

Hello everyone!

It´s been a pretty normal week, but we´ve seen a lot of progress in the area.  Transfers are next week so we got our transfer calls this weekend.  Elder González is going home and he leaves here on Wednesday to go to Málaga.  My new companion is going to be Elder Francia. He´s coming from Crevillente which is on the east coast side of the mission and I´m going to be finishing his training.  I´m not really sure where he´s from because   he´s new and I don´t know him, but he´s South-American and he lives in Madrid.  I´m excited to meet him this week.  He´ll be my last companion so hopefully I´ll be able to polish off my Spanish with him before I go home.  I haven´t had a native companion since my trainer, Elder Galarza.  I´ll tell you more about him next week when I meet him.

This week we´ve been working with P and S a lot more.  P is making a lot of progress and she´s thinking a lot about baptism. She was able to talk to President Deere last week and I think that helped her a lot.  She really just needs to make the decision to be baptized because she is more than ready to make the step.  We´re trying to persuade her toward that without pushing her into it and we trust that she´s going to make the decision here pretty soon. S still isn´t sure about anything.  It´s hard to get him to commit to a date, but       he´s reading what we leave him and praying every day.

This week we found a new investigator named Y.  She is from Bolivia and works taking care of an elderly woman.  We´ve met with her 3 times this week in a park near her job and she´s doing well.  She´s even introduced us to a few of her friends that live in her piso so we´re planning on going to her house next week to teach them.

This weekend we played soccer again and S came.  He says that he   doesn´t even like soccer but he plays really well. We also got A there (less active) and a few other friends.  We had tons of fun, but I got a little sunburned, but I´m starting to get pretty tan now.  The only bad part is that the tan line is from my collar and is very defined.

I don´t have a lot to write about this week because there hasn´t been a ton going on, but it´s been a good week.  I´m doing well and the weather is slowly getting hotter and hotter but it sounds like I´m going to escape the hottest part of the year.

This is going to be my last 6 weeks as a missionary.  It´s crazy to say that, but I´m ready to work hard through the little time that I have left.  Things are going really well here in Cáceres and I know the Lord has big plans for the branch here.  Here we go!

Love and miss you! Have a great week!

Elder Adamson

Preparation Day with Elder Adamson, Elder Gonzales, and Sister Redd

Monday, May 18, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/18/2015

Hello everyone!
This has been a really busy week and here´s what I´ve been up to.

We´ve been meeting a lot with S and P this week.  They are golden investigators.  We are really just trying to help them get past a couple concerns they have and they should be baptized soon.  They are both progressing very well and they have been very involved with the branch this week.  S has made good friends with a German RM who just moved in and we are very happy about that.  That´s been a great support for S.

This week on Thursday we had to hop on another late bus to go to Sevilla for a zone meeting and we got there at about 12:00 and took a taxi to the zone leaders house.  We had a good zone meeting and we talked a lot about repentance, and why it is so important for our investigators.  We had interviews this week and President made an interesting comment about how we as agents with the freedom to chose can make no more important decision than to repent.  Repentance is a decision that we all must make at some point.

Saturday was very very busy.  In the morning we organized a little soccer game and Sebastian came and had a great time.  At mediodía, we went to the Redds´house and had lunch with the missionaries from Badajoz because Hermana Plummer, Elder González and Elder Thomson are all going home this transfer.  We had some delicious Iberian ham and funeral potatoes.  After that we ran home to change our clothes and headed over to the park for a branch activity.  We all had a great time there, and we ended up having a big old water fight at the end. President Deere was there with us and was talking and visiting with all the members.  After that, we went over to the church for our interviews.  They were great as always.  My next one will be my exit interview when we have zone conference in Sevilla.

On Sunday, we had our Branch Conference and we got to hear from President Deere and his councilor, President Jiménez.  They gave some great talks about continuing revelation and how there is security in following our living prophets.  It was an awesome meeting and I learned a lot from the talks that they gave.

This morning I was studying in 2 Nephi 26 and I found a really interesting scripture. It´s verse 27.

" 27 Hath he commanded any that they should not partake of his salvation? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but he hath given it free for all men;and he hath commanded his people that they should persuade all men to repentance."

As members of the church and a part of the Lord's people we are commanded to persuade ALL MEN to repent.  That is part of being witnesses of God in all things.  We must encourage our family and friends to come unto Christ and repent. There are no exceptions to that rule.  Christ wants all to partake of His salvation. That verse made me think a lot.

Well that´s about it for this week.  Next week I´ll know who my last companion will be so I´ll let you know about the changes and everything.  Have a great week!

Elder Adamson

Monday, May 11, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/11/2015

Hello everyone!

Well I don´t have a lot to tell this week because we talked about a lot over skype, but here were the highlights of the week.

We had our mission conference this week in Sevilla with Elder Dyches and Elder Allen.  It was awesome to be there with the whole mission and to hear from them.  We talked about how our mission is going to be receiving ipads soon. A big part of using technology is going to be training us how to use it for during the mission and after so that we always have a good, righteous purpose when we use it.  We talked a lot about the power of our agency and that we should use our agency and not be acted upon by other things.  We all learned a lot and it was an awesome conference.

As for P and S they still haven´t been baptized and we´re hoping that this weekend things will work out.     They´re both really prepared and ready.  It's pretty interesting with them because there are no young men in the branch with the age of S and I think he's ok with it.  We really want to focus on him so he can be a pillar to build off of and make a strong young men's program with him and a few less active boys we have here.  Anyway, things are going really well with them.

For P-day today we went to a pueblo called Alcántara and saw a Roman bridge from the second century.         It´s supposedly one of the best preserved roman bridges in the world.  It was pretty cool, though.

That´s about it for this week.  Next weeks letter will be a lot more exciting.  

Lately I´ve been thinking a lot about the disciple of Christ that I want to be and there is a phrase from conference that always comes to my mind from one of the talks.  I can´t remember who said it but it was something like "Small acts of discipleship can spark a bonfire of consecration".  I've been thinking about that a lot lately.  Consecration doesn't happen over night but as we try to be consistent and sincere followers of Christ, we will be able to become his consecrated servants.

Hope you have a great week and I love you tons!

Elder Adamson

          Three Generations - here is my trainer, Elder Galarza, (my dad) me, and my son, Elder Lelegren


One Happy Missionary

Mother's Day Call with Elder Adamson

Monday, May 4, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/4/2015

Hello everyone!  This has been a pretty normal week but we´ve also seen a couple awesome miracles.

Early in the week we went to contact a referral from one of our investigators.  The referral is from Ecuador.  We got to his house and it turns out that he is a member of the church.  He´s been living here for a year but didn´t know where the church was.  He´s about 19 and he seems like a really good kid.  It was an awesome miracle to find him.  We had an awesome lesson with him and he came to English class with us that night to meet some of the members.  Here in the branch there are no young men right now, so we´re trying to build it up.  We have a couple less actives we are working with and some investigators that are young men that will help in the branch.

We haven´t been able to see P and S much this week but P came to church. They´re doing really well and if all goes as planned they will be baptized this weekend, but we´re not really sure if it will be this week or next week.

This week in church our little Capilla was really full.  We had 38 people at church--10 more than last week.  It was pretty surprising but we were very happy about that.  Things are slowly picking up here the members are working to help the branch grow.

We also had a Mother's day activity here in the Capilla for all of the mothers in the branch and there were tons of people there. P came and had a great time there.

Talk to you soon!

Elder Adamson