Monday, May 26, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/26/2014

  ¡Hola queridos!

Here´s the week

Monday, we went to the Torre de Oro in Sevilla which was pretty cool.  Later that night we stopped by S...´s house and talked a little bit about the gospel of Jesus Christ with him and had a pretty good lesson.  Not much else that day

Tuesday, we had our district meeting in the morning and then I went on intercambios to Utrera with Elder Brewer and had a blast.  We ate tons of Bolivian food and just had a good time together.  He´s a great Elder and he´s one of the hardest workers I´ve seen.

Wednesday, I came back to Dos Hermanas and Elder Enfield and I went to go do English classes with L..., shared a short message and then headed over to X...'s house and then to the Noche de Hogar.  It was pretty average this week because not very many people could come, but we still had a good time.

Thursday, we had a great cita with X...and talked about her coming to the Capilla and we had L... and J.. there.  We were almost certain she was going to come this week, but unfortunately, they failed us again.  Later that night, we taught H... and N... a new member lesson with M... A... and it went great.  They´re going super well right now.  Then we stopped by to see J... and his family and they hooked us up with some Hawaiian punch packets that they got while they were in Utah.

Friday, we went to go see M... S... in the morning because he´s been having trouble trying to stop smoking, so we gave him a blessing and shared a good ánimo (encouragement) scripture with him, because he was feeling kind of down.  Then we went and saw A, M, and P in the afternoon, and they were just as crazy as ever.  Nothing has really changed with them, but we went to check up on them.  Then we stopped by J... V...´s house because it was his birthday and we gave them a cake and they let us stay for dinner, which was a good trade, because a super good cook.

Saturday, we stopped by to see the P... family, checked up on J... and A... and stopped by to see well.  Later, we had a super good lesson with N... and H.. about the plan of salvation and Temples.  They had lots of good questions and were very interested in the topic.  Our goal is to get them there this year.

Sunday, I had to give a talk in church about the power of the Book of Mormon, and got to sit by N... because he´s back in Spain now.  It was good to catch up with the man.  It´s always funny to sit by him because he just belts the hymns in English while everyone else is singing in Spanish.  Later that night, we had dinner with J... and A... and shared a Mormon message with N... and H... at their house.

This has been an all around pretty average week to be quite honest, but Elder Enfield and I are having a good time here together.  I´ve been studying about the importance of the Book of Mormon this week a lot.  I know it´s the word of God.  It couldn't be anything else.  I testify that it is the word of God and that it truly does help us to grow closer to God as we search the pages diligently for his guidance.  He who diligently searches Him shall find Him!

The pictures I´m sending are the torre de oro and a thing in Sevilla called Las Setas, (the mushrooms)  It´s a Big structure in the center and there´s a little restaurant at the top.  Super cool.

Las Setas

Monday, May 19, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/19/2014

Hey Everyone! 
This week has been really good for us.  I´m just going to share a few highlights today.

One day this week, we were just walking to go visit a menos activa and a guy whistled us down.  Usually that means that someone wants to call you over and mess with you, but we went back to talk to him anyway.  The first thing the guy did was ask us what church we belonged to, so we responded "The Church of Jesus Christ" and he started to explain to us that his girlfriend that was sitting with him is a member of our church and that she got baptized in Paraguay, but since she moved to Spain she hasn´t gone to church.  She told us that she wanted to receive a blessing because she had just gone through a surgery and she´s had a lot of trials within her family recently.  We got their info and everything and we´re planning to visit them soon.  Her boyfriend isn´t a member, but he told us "If I find out this church is true, I´ll be baptized", and his girlfriend is very in favor of that... :)

Later that night, A.. came out with us to go to a couple citas and we were on our way over to the Noche de Hogar, and A... started telling us that we really needed to try caracoles (snails).  They´re in season right now so pretty much every bar you pass here has them advertised outside.  He kept insisting that we try them, so I folded and told him to go buy a cup of them, so we took them to the Noche de Hogar and ate them with all the missionaries and the members were pretty excited to eat them. 

 I ATE SNAILS. And quite a few of them too.  They´re pretty gross to look at, but if you don´t look at them, it just kind of feels like your eating a weird pasta.  A couple days later, we ate Cabrillas which are the bigger ones.  WAY WORSE.  Now that I've tried them, I think                   I´m done for the rest of my life.

This Sunday we had a HUGE miracle.  H... and N... showed up at the church to talk with the bishop and with all the members that their were problems with.  They figured everything out and said their apologies and they sat next to us in sacrament meeting.  THEY CAME BACK!!  Everyone in the ward welcomed them right back and we´re very happy to see them.  When bishop told me everything that had happened I about floated out the doors of the capilla.  We now have plans to finish the new member lessons with them and get them on the temple trip this August to go do baptisms for the dead.  So many prayers have been answered this week. 

Mom and Dad, I almost fell out of my chair when I read about the Japanese girl that you met at the MTC.  I can still remember her name.  It´s K....  I probably spelled it wrong.  That´s so amazing that you got to meet her again.  Tell her I say hello and that     she´s doing the right thing!

That´s all for this week!  Have another great week! Love you!

Elder Adamson

Eating a Large Paella

Monday, May 5, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/5/2014

Howdy.  Here´s the week.

Last Monday, we went to Sevilla and checked out the big park by Plaza de España.  It was REAAAALLY hot that day.  Sevilla is crazy hot, and we were walking around during the hottest part of the day. 

 Later that night we went to go see S... and we found a new Nigerian investigator named K....  He has a really weird accent, but he´s super nice and seems to be pretty interested.   We gave him one of         S..´s Book of Mormon's because he had like 3 there and he was excited to read it.

Tuesday, we had a pretty normal day.  We had our district meeting and then in the afternoon to see P..., the P... family, and R.... Nothing really new to report there.

Wednesday we went to teach L... English and we talked about the Plan of Salvation with her.  Later that night we went to the Noche De Hogar and Elder Enfield and I shared a message about Godly Sorrow and it was lots of fun. It's fun to teach there.

Thursday night, we went to see J... and A... for a bit, and then stopped by to see N... and H...  N...   didn´t seem super happy to see us and the kids were really quiet when we first came in, but after a little while they warmed up to us again.  We shared a little message from the Book of Mormon there but it was pretty uncomfortable.  They didn´t get out their books or anything.  It was basically just Elder Enfield and I talking.  President Deere should be coming this week to go to a cita with us.

Friday, we found a new investigator named A....  She´s from Nicaragua and speaks English, French, and Spanish.  She´s 26 years old and was almost baptized in Nicaragua as a girl, but she moved before she got the chance.  She´s really friendly and speaks really openly with us, which is a good sign.   Later we saw X... and P...

Saturday, we went to go see A... again in the morning. We taught her about the restoration because she had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith the last time.  The lesson went well, and we invited her to church the next day, but she didn´t show up.  We got her to pray though, and she´s reading as well. We also stopped by J... and A...´s house to see the family because they just found out that their grandmother in the Dominican Republic passed away. We spent a little time with them over there for a while and E... wanted us to give her a blessing so we did.  Things were pretty sad, but the the boys were helping their family to know that they can see their abuela again. They had a lot of family and friends over there to visit and comfort them.

Sunday, I got to translate at church A LOT. I translated all 3 hours for the C... and also did some English to Spanish translations over the pulpit.  It was lots of fun but at the same time really tiring.  I´ve gotten lots better though since my first time. ha ha  Later we went to try a lot of other plans we had, but got failed by most all of them and then stopped by to see Joni and Alex for a while.

This week, Elder Enfield and I made some Brazilian food, and also some Korean barbeque.  Watch out everyone.  I´m going to be the master chef by the time I get home.

The work is picking up slowly but surely here in Dos Hermanas and Elder Enfield and I are having a great time together. Being a missionary is the best even though there are a LOT of disappointments.  All the happy moments make up for it. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the kingdom of God over the earth.   Christ is our Savior and best friend.  Only through Him can we have all that our Father has.

Elder Adamson