Monday, May 19, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 5/19/2014

Hey Everyone! 
This week has been really good for us.  I´m just going to share a few highlights today.

One day this week, we were just walking to go visit a menos activa and a guy whistled us down.  Usually that means that someone wants to call you over and mess with you, but we went back to talk to him anyway.  The first thing the guy did was ask us what church we belonged to, so we responded "The Church of Jesus Christ" and he started to explain to us that his girlfriend that was sitting with him is a member of our church and that she got baptized in Paraguay, but since she moved to Spain she hasn´t gone to church.  She told us that she wanted to receive a blessing because she had just gone through a surgery and she´s had a lot of trials within her family recently.  We got their info and everything and we´re planning to visit them soon.  Her boyfriend isn´t a member, but he told us "If I find out this church is true, I´ll be baptized", and his girlfriend is very in favor of that... :)

Later that night, A.. came out with us to go to a couple citas and we were on our way over to the Noche de Hogar, and A... started telling us that we really needed to try caracoles (snails).  They´re in season right now so pretty much every bar you pass here has them advertised outside.  He kept insisting that we try them, so I folded and told him to go buy a cup of them, so we took them to the Noche de Hogar and ate them with all the missionaries and the members were pretty excited to eat them. 

 I ATE SNAILS. And quite a few of them too.  They´re pretty gross to look at, but if you don´t look at them, it just kind of feels like your eating a weird pasta.  A couple days later, we ate Cabrillas which are the bigger ones.  WAY WORSE.  Now that I've tried them, I think                   I´m done for the rest of my life.

This Sunday we had a HUGE miracle.  H... and N... showed up at the church to talk with the bishop and with all the members that their were problems with.  They figured everything out and said their apologies and they sat next to us in sacrament meeting.  THEY CAME BACK!!  Everyone in the ward welcomed them right back and we´re very happy to see them.  When bishop told me everything that had happened I about floated out the doors of the capilla.  We now have plans to finish the new member lessons with them and get them on the temple trip this August to go do baptisms for the dead.  So many prayers have been answered this week. 

Mom and Dad, I almost fell out of my chair when I read about the Japanese girl that you met at the MTC.  I can still remember her name.  It´s K....  I probably spelled it wrong.  That´s so amazing that you got to meet her again.  Tell her I say hello and that     she´s doing the right thing!

That´s all for this week!  Have another great week! Love you!

Elder Adamson

Eating a Large Paella

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