Monday, February 3, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 2/3/2014

Hello Family!!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  Also, thanks for sending all the pictures. Here´s the week.

This Tuesday, we had a specialized training in Sevilla with President and he shared a really awesome lesson about being bold by extending invitations.  After we came home from the conference, we headed over to J... and A...´s house and taught them about tithing, and they accepted it with no problem at all.  Good good kids.

Wednesday, we went to Montequinto which is a pueblo that is in our area.  There are a TON of menos activos there so we headed out to try and visit a few.  We got in with a lady named M... J... who hasn´t been to church for quite sometime, but she has a really good relationship with the church.  Later we were able to catch S... at home as well.  He´s suuuuper menos activo.  He welcomed us a right in though and chatted for a while with us.  We´ll keep visiting those two and see how it goes.  Later we ate with A and her family and had some super good curry rice.  In the afternoon, we visited  X... and then went to the capilla for the Noche de Hogar.  Elder Woodford and I taught a little lesson on Apostasy and after we played signs with the people who came.  lots of fun that night.

Thursday was a miracle day indeed.  We headed over to J... and A...´s house and taught them about fasting and they were all in to fast the next fast Sunday.  After that we took a little tour of the new capilla and then we had two citas in a row fail us so we went to visit a young member named C... M....  He´s usually never home, but his abuela let us in and he was asleep on the couch.  Here come the Miracles.  We talked with A... (abuela) for a while and she had told us that in the Dominican Republic she had gone to church for 16 years straight, but she couldn´t get baptized because she couldn´t give up the beer.  We talked to her and she told us that she has only been drinking 1 bottle a week which is almost nothing.  She wants to be baptized but that´s been holding her back.  We asked her about "cero/cero" which is dealcoholized beer that tons of people drink here.  It has NO alcohol in it so it´s fine and we told her she could try that.  She didn´t know she could do that, so she´ll give it a try and we´ll see where things go. :)  Also, C... had a cousin there that grew up in Italy who got baptized in the Dominican Republic but hasn´t been to church since he was a little boy.  We were his first contact with the church for like 11 years because he´s 19 now.  And he seems to be willing to change his life and come back to church.  AWESOME CITA.  I could hardly believe it when we walked out.

Friday was a pretty average day.  We went to Montequinto again with no luck and then we got failed for English class as well, so we ended up the night with X... and L..., and also stopped by to visit J... and A....

Saturday, we taught English to E... and things went really well (Even though she made us share a message from the bible) and then we had Stake Conference in Sevilla and we all sang during the session.  It was pretty cool and at the end of the session we got to sing the mission hymn "O Vos Los Llamados" (Oh, you, the called) for the congregation.

Sunday, we had conference again and it was transmitted from SLC.  Elder Ballard spoke for all of the Spain/Portugal area and it was really cool.    We came home and got in with M... and chatted about coming to church with him.  He´s willing, but he´s FLOJO beyond belief.  Later we visited the P... family and they hooked us up with some hot chocolate and cookies. :)

During the conference this weekend, one of the speakers talked about how important it is for us to REMEMBER what we learn and the principles we need to apply (Mosiah 4:30)  We must always watch our step and always remember where we´re going and why.  Like it says in the Scripture, "Remember and perish not".  Reading the scriptures doesn't mean anything if we don´t remember to apply them. Christ's atonement doesn't help us either unless we remember to apply it.

Anyway, this has been an amazing week in Dos Hermanas.  I'm learning a ton and enjoying the work. Hope everything is going well. 

Love you all! 
Elder Adamson

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