Monday, January 27, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 1/27/2014

Hello everyone!  This has been a great week.  Here it is.

This Tuesday we went over to M...´s house to talk to him about the girls and how we can help them.  He´s all for letting the girls get baptized, but the mom isn´t quite there yet.  We chatted with him for a little while and he told us that we could help them try to behave better.  Easier said than done...ha ha.  After that we visited A... and J... and they´re doing awesome.  Whenever we ask them a question like "How can we come closer to God"  They ALWAYS answer with "Being baptized".  They have a lot of ganas (desire) to be baptized and the only thing in the way right now is their mom, but things are going really well with him.  Later, we did a Noche de Hogar (FHE) at R... house and we talked about the Love of God.  It was a really cool cita.  His son, R..., is 10 years old and still isn´t baptized for a few different reasons, but that´s what we´re working for.  Later we went to M...s´s house and shared a little message with him and his friend C....  The whole time her child was running around and screaming , so it was alright, but kind of weird.  After we talked for a bit we invited them to come to the capilla on Sunday and M... made us some good soup and rice.

Wednesday, we went to Sevilla because Elder Woodford had a doctors appointmentt.  That took up a lot of time, so we ended up eating there in Sevilla.  We stopped by a little café to eat and then took the train home.  When we got home, all of our plans fell through on us, but then we had a little Noche de Hogar  (FHE) with a few members and investigators in the capilla, but that was the end of the night.

Thursday, we visited a menos activo guy named M... S... in the capilla and shared a message about grace with him.     He´s trying to quit smoking and he wants to come back to activity.    He´s a good guy and he ended up coming to the Capilla this Sunday.  After that, we taught A... and J... the word of wisdom and A... was like " Uhhh... what if I already tried coffee and tea...." ha ha.  He´s a good kid.  We told him it was all good and no pasa nada (worry), but he just should not take those things from now on.  Later that night we visited the girls and Elder Woodford brought them some little rubber band bracelet dealios and we helped them but them together after we shared a little thought with them.

Friday, we had a District meeting and I gave a little lesson on our purpose as missionaries.  Later that day, J... and A...´s mom invited us to eat with them (very good sign) and we had a super fun time.  They´re all Dominicans so they´re really fun and friendly people,  At first when we brought up baptism with J... and A... while the mom was there she said "PROHIBIDO" (prohibited), but now she´s really warming up to us.  Later we went to correlation meeting with J... and then we taught some English class.  Then we stopped by to visit C... and luckily her child was sleeping this time.  Then we headed over to X...´s house and read some scriptures with her and the family.

Saturday was rough at first, but it turned out really well.  We basically walked around the entire morning with no luck, but in the afternoon we tried some antiguos and one let us in.  Her name is E... and she´s from Colombia.  She´s super evangelista and she was super concerned about that fact that we celebrate Christmas.  Pretty weird, but we ended up holding up pretty well against all her little attacks.  We taught her about the priesthood and afterwards it looked like things weren't going anywhere with her, but right before we left she said she wanted to learn English.  So we set citas with her every Saturday and maybe we´ll get her to soften up a little.  We told her all we charge is a 5 minute lesson at the end of every cita, and she agreed.        She´s a funny lady.  We´ll see how things go with her.

Sunday, A.., M..., and P... all came to church and I had to translate again during Priesthood. This time was a little better. I was even able to filter out some false doctrine comments which was cool. ;)  Later that day we had to go to Sevilla again to practice and when we got back, we just had time to visit X... and the fam.  We read the psalm of Nephi with them and had a really cool discussion.  They´re awesome people.

This week I was reading in the Sermon on the Mount and the part that stuck out to me the most is when Christ says that we are like a light. As members of the church and disciples of Christ, our job is to spread and reflect the light of Christ to other people.  His is a light that cannot be put out and will forever overcome the darkness.  For that very reason, we share it with the people that need it. With that light, we " Lift the hands that hang down" and "Strengthen the feeble knees". (D&C 81:4-5)  Every member a missionary and disciple of Christ!

That´s the week for you.  It´s starting to get a little warmer here now, so that´s happy.
Have a great week!

Elder Adamson

Pictures from  Elder Adamson's  time in Murcia

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