Monday, January 20, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 1/20/2014

¿Qué pasa calabazas??
Here´s the week.

Tuesday, we went to visit A... M..., and P...´s mom to have her sign their form to be able to get baptized.  She had given verbal permission before, but she didn´t want to sign the paper yet.  She is really atheist but she want´s them to be more ready before they get baptized.  We´re going to keep trying with them and hopefully she´ll be more comfortable with baptism. The father has already given permission.  Later, we stopped by A...´s house and he was on his way out, so we just read a short scripture with him.   He´s a super nice guy, and we´ll work with him more.  Later, we went over to    R...´s house and did a noche de hogar with them and did a good object lesson with them about Ether 12:6.  That lesson is our bread and butter.  Later, we watched The Restoration movie with J... and A... and went to visit X... for a bit.  She´s starting her Chemo therapy again this week, but she´s super positive.  I have a lot of respect for her.

Wednesday, we had lunch with the V... family and it was super fun.  The food was really good and we had some good laughs.  Later we visited X...´s step dad at her house and he made us some tortitas.  Kind of like little scones, but saltier.  They were pretty good.  He has a SUPER strong Andaluz accent, and he´s super hard to understand.  When the family came back we read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with them.  Afterwards, we left to teach English to the girls (A... M..., and P...). They behaved a little better this time, but they´re still pretty crazy.

Thursday, we visited J... and A... and did the Ether 12:6 lesson with them and they loved it.  Then we met with J... J... in the capilla and talked about the organization of the priesthood with his two little boys.  Hopefully we´ll be able to start teaching the whole family soon.  After that, we went to X...´s house for dinner and we read a another chapter of the Book of Mormon with them.  Her mom made us the dinner.  She LOVES us.

Friday, we visited the girls again, and had a short, fun lesson with them.  There´s something special about them.  I really hope we can see them be baptized because they really are good girls.  Later, we visited A... and J... and taught them about repentance and baptism.  They are super golden.  The only reason they can´t be baptized right away is because their mom wants them to wait too.  But they´re progressing super well.  Then it rained like nobody´s business and Elder Woodford and I got soaked.  Then we went to the V... family´s house to dry off and then taught them some English.  They made us a bunch of pizzas after, so we were happy happy happy.

Saturday, we went to R... and J...´s house (miembros).  They live in Utrera so we went out there for the whole afternoon to do service.  We helped fix the roof in their kitchen and clean some sheds out.  It was super fun.  Just imagine some really LOUD and round Bolivian people. That´s them.  Really funny folks though.  We had a good time there.

Sunday, we went to pick up A... and J... for church and they came with us.  During Sacrament meeting, I got to translate for an American couple that works on the military base.  IT WAS SO HARD.  The first speaker got up and told a story and my translation went something like this.

"Alright, she´s saying something about a guy in a desert.............he has a horse.............................she said dog just died...??....................Well, I´m really sorry but I actually have no idea what´s going on right now.  I´ll tell you when she´s done with the story."

Then I just sat quiet until she finished. After she got done with the story I did alright, but it´s super hard to translate stories, quotes, and scriptures.  I was relieved when the meeting was over... jaja.  Later that night we went to Sevilla again to practice for the choir and then came back to bring the sacrament to X.... And that´s a wrap.

This week we shared a scripture with X... that I really love.  I can´t remember for SURE what the reference is, but I´m pretty sure   it´s Mosiah 26 or 24 Verses 14-15.  It talks about how the people of Alma are bearing their burdens, but that if they rely on Christ, everything will end well for them.  Later it says that after they´ve received the help of the Lord, that they would be Witnesses of Him.  We should all take after their example.  We´ve all be helped by the Savior in one way or another by Him, and that´s means it´s our job now to testify of him.  We´ve felt "the marks in his hands", so to speak, and now it´s our job to invite more people to do the same.  I loved that thought.

Hope you have a great week!.  Love you all.

Elder Adamson

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