Monday, January 13, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 1/13/2014

Here I am in a new place.  Hello from Dos Hermanas!!

Tuesday, we went out to say some goodbyes to a few folks before I left.  We stopped by to see R... and he gave me a kiss on the back of the head when I left which was pretty weird.  Right after that, we headed over to visit L... and L... M....  They had tons of snacks there ready for us so we shared a message and had some good food.  After chatting for a bit it was time for us to go, so they gave us a ride home and L...M... gave me his favorite shirt so that I would remember him.  Heaven knows I´m not going to forget him, but it was really nice of him.  I´ve got it with me in the piso.  Kind of a bittersweet night, but it was a good despedida.(farewell)

Wednesday is when I headed out to the Dos Hermanas.  I hopped on a bus and said goodbye to all my good missionary friends from Murcia and was on my way to Málaga.  Just so happens that I saw Elder Farrell in a bus station on the way there.  I´ve seen him quite a bit lately and every time I've basically tackled him.  After we got back on the bus we finally made it to Malaga and Elder Galarza was there to pick up his new companion.  We had a great chat for a few minutes and then he took me to the train I needed to catch to Dos Hermanas.  I got on and was all alone so it was a bit of a boring trip, but I got a little nap and some reading in.  When I arrived, Elder Woodford was there to pick me up and we went straight out to work.  He took me to see the girls who are named A..., M..., and P.... They are 12, 11, and 9, and are getting ready to be baptized.  They´ve all got fechas (dates).  Super funny girls but also really good and attentive.  Their dad is from Cameroon and their mom is Spanish.  They are a hoot though.  Then we visited some recent converts named X..., L..., and A....  They are a really solid family and are doing really well.  They were just baptized about a month ago.  That was about it for that day.

Thursday, we got to visit some semi-eternigators named A... and M..., and our lessons went pretty well.  They haven´t talked to missionaries for a while so we figured we´d give them a try.  Later we had our correlation meeting and then went to visit an Investigator with a man named J... J....   Then later that night we headed over to the V... family´s house.  They are all from Ecuador I believe, and they are super fun to be with.  We taught them a little bit of English as a service and shared a little message with them.  In return, they fed us some really tasty rice.  They have like 5 kids and all are under the age of 17.  They´re awesome.

Friday, we had our Zone meeting in Sevilla.  It went pretty well and I was actually able to meet The Wilson´s finally.  They´re super nice people and I got to talk to them for a little while.  Right after that, Elder Webb came with us to give A... M..., and P... their baptismal interviews and they all passed :)  Right after that, we headed over to the capilla (chapel) to teach English and I was teaching one on one with this lady and she was basically teaching me Spanish because she knew so much about English.  I helped her with a few things though. She gave both Elder Woodford and I wallets from the "reyes magos" (Three Kings).  Super nice lady, but I don´t think anyone has been able to teach her the lessons yet. Then we met with some investigators named J..., A... and E....  They are Dominicans but they all look like they came straight from Africa.  All 3 of them are super receptive and they want to get baptized, but the thing is that they stay with their dad on the weekends in Sevilla, so we´ll have to see what we can work out in that situation.  Then we stopped by X...´s house and read from of the Book of Mormon with her and her family.  That was the night.

Saturday we had 2 citas (appointments) in the morning, one with L... (husband of  X...) and then later with the grandmother of A..., M..., and P....  She´s pretty catholic, but she´s willing to let the girls be baptized, even though it really just matters what the parents say.  After that we had a lunch cita fail us. so we headed back to the piso and ate and went right back out to work.  Then we didn´t get into a cita until like 9:00 with a menos activo named C....  He´s only 15 and he´s a super good kid but he´s got kind of a cruddy family situation.  His house is pretty ghetto and his mom isn´t really a mom for him.  He ended up coming to church though, on Sunday. :)  He´s a really good kid.

Sunday, we went to church and I got to meet a lot of the members.  To my surprise, we have a lot of English speakers in our ward and I got pretty tripped up when people started talking to me in English a couple times.  It´s a great ward though.  I´m really excited to work with them.  Later that day, we had to go to Sevilla for a choir practice.  We´re singing in Stake Conference, so we got together to practice.  When we finally got back to Dos Hermanas, we headed over to X...´s house to give her the sacrament.  She has cancer right now, but it´s in remission.  She´s going through another week of chemo this week so her doctor told her she shouldn´t go out.  She is such a trooper.  I´ve been super impressed with her and I already love her and her family.

This is a great place and I´m really pumped to be here.  Elder Woodford is awesome and I´m learning lots from him.  I´m probably going to send him home because he´s only got 2 more transfers left in the mission, but in the meantime I´ll be taking notes.  The area here is really cool as well.  So far, it´s a lot prettier than Murcia and a lot more Spain-y. It´s a great place to be.  Elder Woodford is from Afton, Wyoming and he´s an awesome missionary.  We´re getting along super well.

Have a great week! 

Love you!

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