Monday, January 6, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 1/6/2014

Happy 2014, homies.

I hope you´ve all had a good year and didn´t write 2013 the last time you dated something. 

 Here´s the week.
Monday was super fun.  L... M... came with us on P day and drove us around in our search for fútbol shoes.  I didn´t end up finding anything but it was a super fun time.   Later that day we went to visit L... padre and the S... family.  Nothing too special but it was a really fun day.

Tuesday, was Noche Vieja (New Year's Eve) and another day we weren´t allowed to proselyte, but we still had a good time.  We visited a few members and then later that night we got together with the other missionaries and had a little party with the other Elders and some members in the capilla.  We played some basketball outside for a while and then had some super good chicken and rice.  Immediately after that we headed outside to eat the 12 grapes at midnight (Spanish tradition).
Twelve Grapes???

  Lots of fun, but I was DEAD when we got home.  Staying up late as a missionary really is not that much fun, even when we have permission.
Wednesday, we headed out to El Progreso, but the city and streets were pretty dead so we were only able to meet with P.....  We headed straight to English Class after, but the only people who showed up were L... M... and J... (Elder Peter´s Recent convert), so we ended up having a little movie night and got some popcorn and watched the longer Joseph Smith movie together and turned it into a lesson, and we all had a good time.  We also made some delicous Korean BBQ that Elder Johnson´s mom taught him how to make.  Super tasty and i´m definitely writing down the recete.

Elder Johnson's  Korean BBQ

Thursday after weekly planning, we did an intercambio and Elder Peters came with me to El Palmar.  We first went and ate with the patriarch and his family and it was super good as always.  Then, on our way out, these 3 girls that were doing door to door sales stopped us because they wanted to know what our door knocking methods were... ha ha, but we shared with them a little about what we believe and got their numbers to try and contact them later.  Then we visited J... who is still super flojo, but he always lets us in.  Right after that we went to go visit L... and L... M... and they were in the middle of moving some furniture around so we tried to help them a little bit and then afterwards Elder Peters did their baptismal interviews and they both aced it. I wish you could hear them talk about their testimonies.  Super fuerte.  After that, we headed home to get things ready for Elder Rasmussen and Avilés who stayed over at our piso for the Conference the next day.

Friday, we were at the capilla (chapel) for a SUUUPER long time, but it was lots of fun.  President, the AP´s and Hermana Deere all gave us really good talks and then after we had a HUGE paella and a little talent show. 


Zone Conference
 The best part was that Elder Farrell was there so we got to catch up with each other a little and have some good laughs.  Our jokes will never get old. After that, we went and visited R... for a while and had to head home right after because we didn´t have any more time.  Awesome day.  

Elder Adamson and Elder Farrell find each other once again.  What a great day!!!
Saturday was INCREDIBLE.  In the morning we played a little fútbol and after mediodía (noon) we tried to visit a few antiguos that we set citas (appointments) with, but they all failed us unfortunately.  BUT, we headed home to get ready for the baptism.  L... and L... M... have officially been baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Such a happy day.  I got to baptize and confirm L... M... and Elder Johnson baptized L....  They both bore strong testimonies afterwards and we were all very content.  Not only was this the first baptism I´ve participated in, but       I´ve been able to be with them from day one.  Really awesome day.  All the missionaries here are all good friends with L... M... and L... so they came to support. 

First Baptism for Elder Adamson
After the baptism, we got a call from President Deere, and I got some bittersweet news.  He told me that I´ll be headed to a pueblo in Sevilla called Dos Hermanas with Elder Woodford.  I´m super excited and I´ll let you know how it is next week. :)

Sunday was great and I gave my last testimony in Sacrament meeting.  It´s a little sad to leave all these people where I started my mission but I´m ready to start a new chapter in Dos Hermanas.  I stopped by a few people to say goodbye.
That´s all for this week.  I´ve had a great start to the new year and I hope this next one goes well also. 2014 will be my full year on the mission so no doubt it will be a good one.  Even then, no matter what our circumstance we can have our "anchor of faith" holding us stead and sure.  Christ will never let us down.  He gives us hope for a better world and the opportunity of Salvation in the life to come.  Ether 12:4 tells us that we can have "Hope for a better world" and that doesn´t necessarily mean that the whole world around us will change, but that our world will change.  The gospel brings personal peace if we have faith in it and in our Savior.

Have a great week and a happy new year!

Elder Adamson

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