Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Madrid at Last

  I just arrived in Madrid, España a couple hours ago!  Its kind of crazy being here in real life, but i got here safe after both flights.  I sat next to Elders Allsop, Adams and Church on the flight from SLC to Atlanta and then I sat next to Elder Adams on the EIGHT HOUR FLIGHT to Madrid.  It´s 11:00 am here right now and I got like an hour and a half of sleep on the plane tops.  So we´re off and getting ready now.  We just got our chapas (tags) and companions.  My companion´s name is Elder Sorensen and I´ve met a lot of awesome people so far.  I forgot to say I gave a BOM to a few girls in Atlanta before we got on the plane!  I´m doing well, but the MTC is just a bit stressful so far.  I couldn´t get my email account to work for a bit so i had to just sit here and wait for an English speaker to help me while everyone was typing away to their families, but it worked out and I´m writing now.There aren´t a ton of people here who speak good English, so I´ve had to weasle my way through a few conversations with my gringo Spanish.  Dallin and I are in the same zone!  we´ve been joking all day about how crazy this whole thing is, but we love it!  I love the mission so far and it´s really exciting and there are lots of things going on that I still don´t understand (including this Spanish keyboard).  Well, I was supposed to only take 5 minutes to let you know that I´m not dead, so that´s why this is kind of a wimpy letter.  Also, excuse the errors because I wrote this at about 5 million miles an hour.
Love and miss you so much!
Love, Elder Adamson

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  1. He's off to a great start. I'm grateful he made it to the Spain MTC safe and sound.