Monday, July 21, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 7/21/2014

Improving the Island!!!!!

¡Hola a todos! Ha sido una semana muy buena y he podido aprender muchas cosas nuevas para ayudarme ser un mejor misionero.

(Hello everyone!  It has been a very good week and I have learned many new things to help me be a better missionary!)  

Last Monday was pretty crazy.  Elder Buttars and I headed down to the mall in the morning to buy some new pants because both of us are in dire need of some that aren´t super faded or have holes in them, so I bought a pair (that´s the charge that´s on the credit card) because the ones I usually wear are getting pretty gross.  Right after we went there, we had to go pick up Elder Ward at the train station because his companion went to Fuengirola for residency.  Right after that, I also found out that I was going to a District Leader Training that I didn´t know about the next day. ha ha   So we went and printed off my tickets and spent the rest of P day at home.  Unfortunately, we went the entire afternoon without a cita.  That happens sometimes, but we had a good time with Elder Ward.

Tuesday, I got a bag ready and we headed off for the train station again and I headed for Fuengirola.  When we got there, the office elders picked us up and took us to the mission home and Hermana Deere had some Café Rio pork ready for us.  I made sure to get a second serving, because it´s been a while since I´ve eaten some good tex mex.  Later we had our training meetings with President and the AP´s and it was really awesome.  We talked a lot about intercambio and how they should be learning experiences instead of just a habit we do every transfer.  We also talked a lot about following the Spirit and                                 it´s promptings which i´m really trying to get better at right now.  President also told us that we will MOST LIKELY be getting iPads at the end of this year or beginning of next year, so we´ll see.  Maybe I´ll be one of the first iPad missionaries in the Spain Málaga mission.  After all our meetings were over, we slept over at the office Elders piso.

A quick trip to Fuengirola  for some on the job training and a wonderful meal made by Hermana Deere

Wednesday, we started with our meetings again in the morning and finished off and we headed for the train station in Málaga.  Me and a few of my other missionary pals (Elder Lucero, Elder Baker...)  went to eat at Taco Bell because there aren´t very many of those puppies here.  Then we hopped back on the train and I headed back to San Fernando.  I got home safe and sound and Elder Buttars and I headed over to the Capilla for our English class and then had an amazing cita with a less active member named Vanesa.  We had the amazing opportunity to go with President Morales.  He is a spiritual GIANT.  Easily one of the most Christ-like people I´ve ever seen.  We had a little lesson about the atonement with them and it went really well.  President Morales helped to find all of her concerns and doubts so that we could help her to come back to church.  The Spirit was definitely super strong.  Vanesa´s husband isn´t a member and he´s pretty agnostic, but we´re going to try and see if we can get him ready to accept the gospel. 

Thursday was pretty uneventful.  We did weekly planning in the morning, and I made some Brazilian croquettes that Natalia taught me how to make.  That whole afternoon, we went without any citas and we came home pretty tired, but we did talk to a few nice people in the street that might become new investigators, so that was good.

Friday, we did intercambios with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Webb to Jerez.  We had a really good time, but for some reason, all our set citas failed us. ha ha  I think I may have been a bit of a bad luck charm that night.  Later that night we got to attend a funeral of a woman in their ward.  She had a Catholic burial, but she wanted to have a Mormon funeral, so they did a service in the Capilla.  The Hermanas were going to do a music number and they invited me to join with them and make a little trio and Elder Webb played the piano.  We sang the words of the hymn "Yo Sé que Vive mi Señor" to the tune of "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" because it doesn´t exist in Spanish, and it turned out really well.  The Spirit was very strong in the meeting  and all the family members, whether they were members of the church or not, really appreciated it.  Awesome experience.

Saturday, we headed back home to San Fernando.  When I got back, we had a ward activity with a Feria theme, because it was Feria this week here.  it was lots of fun and they had a talent show, and with 5 minutes notice they told us we had to get up and do something American....  I could not think of a single American thing to do up on a stage in front of like 80 Spanish people.  So, I borrowed someone´s guitar and me and Elder Buttars played Called to Serve in English with the version that Rachel and I played just before I left.  When I got up I said " Well, they told us we were doing this about 10 minutes ago, so we´re going to sing called to serve in English, and you get what you get.  It´s what we´ve got" Got the crowd nice and warmed up.. ha ha it turned out alright.

Sunday, after church we were able to meet with a couple of less active members who are wanting to go to the temple, so we talked to them about setting goals and then taught a little bit about why we go to the temple.  We´re going to see how we can help them start coming back to church, and then get them off to the temple.

This week has been a little slow because it has been Feria here and everyone is either there, or at the beach, but it´s been a really good week for me and I´ve learned a lot.  We don´t have a lot of work right now, but we´ve got faith that it will come if we keep working hard and doing our part.

Congrats on being  the Grand Marshall dad!  That´s pretty awesome.  I was wondering when it was going to be your turn to do that. ha ha

Love and miss you tons!!
Love, Elder Adamson

This is Elder Adamson's MTC Teacher from his time in Madrid.  She is on the far right in a Flamenco dress.  She lives in San Fernando.

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