Monday, July 7, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 7/7/2014

Hello Everyone!  This has been a really awesome week with a lot of cool changes in the mission.  Here it is!

On Monday, we went to Cádiz and it was super awesome.  We rented some bikes so we could get around the city really fast and we got to see a couple castles and the cathedral there from the outside.
Elder Adamson and Elder Buttars

 Cathedral Cádiz

We got some lunch there and then headed back home.  In the afternoon all of our plans fell through but we still had a good fun day.

Tuesday we had our first district meeting as the Cádiz/San Fernando district and it went well.  I´m the only new missionary in the district so it was a little weird directing, but we had a really good meeting.  We            didn´t have too much luck with our plans on this day either and we just kind of blew right through back up plan after back up plan.  We ended off the night at a members house.  Their names are Jacinto and Amparo and they made us a huge dinner after the lesson which I am not used to at all.  Most days I don´t even eat dinner because we´re out in the street.  That´s going to be a rough change coming back to the States.

Wednesday was another day of quite a bit of walking and a fair share of running from place to place.  We went to eat lunch at the Guttenberger´s house (They´re Spanish but have a German last name) and had some Salmorejo which is a pretty typical Andaluz dish.  It´s like an appetizer and it´s basically like a strong tomato soup but you eat it cold.  It´s really good though.   Later we went and visited a member named Manoli and we talked a little about her daughter who left the church a while ago.  We´re trying to find as many part member families and less actives as we can right now so we can get the work going well.  After that we SPRINTED to the capilla because we were late for our English class,  We´re teaching a man named Eduardo and he´s actually serious about learning English and has a plan made for us to follow and everything.  A little bit stressful but at least he´s there to learn.

Thursday after we had our weekly planning, we passed by our investigator Jonathan and he´s kind of going downhill a little, but we´re still involving him a lot and taking members with us to our appointments that we do have, but he seems to be avoiding us.  Later that night we went to go meet a boy named Ivan who just got back from studying in England.  He´s about 16 and he´s a MAQUINA. (machine)  Both of his parents have been inactive for about 20 years, but he is very active in the church and has a really strong testimony.  We´ll be recruiting him a lot this summer. :)

Friday we left home at about 6 am and headed for Sevilla for Zone Conference.  It felt pretty weird because we passed through Dos Hermanas on the train and I was just there like a week ago.  The Conference was awesome and the focus was on "Dos Veces en Blanco" (two times in white) .  Presdient Deere told us all about how we should be seeing every person we talk to in white, but not only one time, but two.  That means we need to see them not only at the baptismal font, but in the doors of the temple.  And not just one time at the temple, but many many times for all of their ancestors.  That´s our new vision in the mission and we´re going to be incorporating a lot more family history in the work here as well.

lunchtime at zone conference

Saturday, we were looking for some less active members and we happened to knock the door of a Romanian couple and they let us right in.  When we asked the dad (Mario) if he knew who Jesus Christ was he said no...  not sure if that was because of the language or if he really didn´t know, because he said he was baptized and I think the Orthodox church is pretty big there in Romania.  Anyway, we got a few new investigators there and they seem to be nice people.  Afterward, we went to eat lunch with a man named Brailio and had some really good Paella.  Later that night we went to see some members who go to church in Cádiz named Mari and Bille and they are the nicest people ever.  Bille literally looks like the grandpa from the movie UP and they always make us food when we go over there.  

Sunday was great at church, but unfortunately, we couldn´t get any investigators there.  We talked to Stake President Morales about coming to some citas with us this week to see some part member families and he was more than happy to do so.  He´s a really awesome guy and everyone just loves him.  I love him and I´ve only talked to him for like 2 minutes.

Now in the mission we are making a big focus on the temple.  The missionary work we are doing here as full time missionaries is part of the same work of Salvation that we do in the temples.  We can all help in that way and experience the blessings that come from helping those who can´t help themselves and being like the Savior.

Also the suit jacket you saw in the picture I sent last week is the work of my own hands.  I sewed that puppy in there by hand with a little free time I had.   The running of the bulls is no where close to me.  That´s in Pamplona which is about as far North as it gets.

Have a great week!  Love you!

Elder Adamson

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