Monday, October 14, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 10/14/2013

Here´s my week for you!

So on Monday, we just kind of walked around the Gran Vía and got Kebabs.  Nothing too exciting, but it was fun.  Later that day we went and visited La Familia A... and had a good little message with them about keeping our baptismal covenants.  It went really well, but we weren´t really able to get much done that day.  On our way home, ... (homeless man)  came and asked us for money...which we can´t even do in the first place.  We pass him like every day on our way to our pueblo so it´s a little awkward now.  At times we take an alternate route.

Tuesday was a bit of a rough day for me.  It was another one of those days where I just feel totally lost and I can´t say the things I want to in Spanish.  We had a lunch cita with a super awesome family se llama la familia M....  Awesome and super nice people.  They made us this really good ecuatoriano dish and it was really good,    After we shared a short message with them, we went to another cita and I was lost again.  I think my brain just shuts down after hearing so much Spanish.  It´s happening a lot less often than in the MTC, but it still happens every once in a while.

Wednesday was a really odd but really good day.  We went to a cita in the morning with a member named C... and she is a referral MACHINE.  We first visited a man from .... in her house named M... or something like that, but he was super muslim so I don´t think we´ll be able to teach him more.  After we went there she took us with M... to her other African friend´s house.  No one knows why, but C... is BFFs with pretty much every single African.  We visited with a couple named ... and ... from Nigeria and it went super well.  We taught them a lesson 0 and they were really receptive of it.  The best part was that I got to teach in ENGLISH for the first time.  I was like " Holy Cow, put me on the  "District" videos, I´m ROLLLIN".  It really wasn´t THAT good, but definitely made me feel better about myself after a day like Tuesday.  It helped me remember that I really do know how to teach, I just need to keep working on the language, and I know that will come.  We set a fecha baptismal with them for the 2 of Nov that day too.  Hopefully we´ll get to keep working with them.

Thursday, we had another lunch cita with la Famila A... and it was awesome, but we were there for a super long time.  Our 10 minute message turned into like 45 because they had a lot to say.  We were super late for our exchange with Elder Webb and Elder Clark, but everything worked out.  Elder Clark came with me to my area and Elder Galarza went with Elder Webb to their area.  The lessons I had planned for that day fell through, except for one.  We met with J... and taught him lesson 3 and it was awesome.  I was like the senior companion for a day and I felt a lot better about myself knowing that I could do all of that by myself.  Elder Clark is an awesome teacher and we worked really well together.  J... is still working for his fecha on the 2 of Nov as well.

Friday morning we had a Zone Conference and we ended our intercambio there.  We talked a lot about obedience and receiving revelation and it was a good meeting.  Afterward, we went to Dominos with a bunch of us from the Zone for lunch.  Here, Domino´s is like a buffet.  I ate a ton of pizza, but as a missionary, I eat what I can get (excluding the MTC shark bites).  Later we went to Barrio del Progreso to meet with ..., but he wasn´t there, so we tried a few antiguos with no luck.  Elder Galarza wanted to ring the doorbell of a house where he has seen ecuatorians go in, so we did.  We got to meet a joven named S....  He was super nice and welcoming when we came and seems to be a really genuine guy.  I´m telling you, South Americans are super open people.  They let us talk to them about religion way more than Spanish people.  Spanish people are awesome and super friendly, but when you bring up religion they put on the afterburners and get outta there.  We taught a lesson 0 with S... and it was good, but kind of fast because he had a friend waiting for him.  Next time we meet with him hopefully we´ll get to meet his family as well.  Later on our way home, we tried to visit a future that we´ve had for a while, and it turned out that he wasn´t home, but his brother who lives with him was.  He came down from his piso to talk with us and then decided to let us in after we talked about our message a little bit.  His name is G...  But he seems to really be looking for something to believe in and we´ve got it. 2 nuevos en one day!!  Later we tried to visit a menos activo, but they weren´t there.  Meanwhile a very drunk man hobbled over to us and told us he was a member of our church (Don´t see that every day).  He was sooo hard to understand, but he just started listing off things like "El Libro do Mormón, Jose Smith, Moroni".  He told us he wants a LDM and that he was baptized in Cartagena.  We took down his address and told him we´d visit him later, because we had to get back to the piso.

Saturday, we went to the capilla to play fútbol with some investigators and members again but our investigars didn´t show up :(  I watched a little bit of Conference while Elder G was playing because I am awful at soccer compared to these guys.  Put me in a 6th grade Rec league and maybe I could do some damage, but Spaniards... No way José.  After that we went and visited ... and he took the music to a new level this time.  After singing a song he pulled up this Karaoke app he has on his computer and we sang a few songs.   After, we talked about him going to church again and he still has a few excuses up his sleeves, but we´ll get him there somehow.

Sunday, we had Stake Conference in Cartagena in this big conference center there.   The Theme was " Un paso de fe" or "a step of faith" and it was really good.  There were some really good faith inspiring talks from the stake presidency.  We took a bus there and back with some others from the ward and it was about an hour ride home.  Then we went back to the piso and studied, ate, and then went to a despedida for ......  He´s going to serve in Mexico and he´ll be an awesome missionary.  The meeting was pretty long, but it was cool.  Lots of missionary spirit there.  .... is actually part of Elder Galarza´s conversion so it was really cool for him to be able to go. That´s my week!

I´m loving the mission and my testimony keeps growing the more I study.  There is always something more we can learn.  Testimonies come when we look for them.  We have to work for them and search in faith in order to really gain our own.  Try to strengthen your testimony every day and I promise that you´ll receive a stronger witness when you work for it!

We just finished a transfer!  I can´t believe it.  I still feel like I know nothing, but I´ve learned TONS just from one transfer.  Also, Elder Galarza and I are both staying here for now, but our DL Elder Webb is leaving. :(  He´s awesome and we´ll miss him.

That´s all folks!

Elder Adamson

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