Monday, October 28, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 10/28/2013

Hello FAM! We had a pretty good week.  A very different one, but good.  Here it is!

Monday, after P day, we went to Barrio del progreso and didn´t have a lot of luck.  We met with a Familia  and shared a short and sweet message.  It was a really good visit.  At first when I came here, I felt super uncomfortable with them, and we had kind of a weird relationship with them, but now they LOVE us and invite us over to eat pretty much every week.  We´re great friends now, and we feel perfectly comf when we go there.

Tuesday, I went on splits with Elder L (one of our Zone Leaders) which was a bit stressful since I´ve only been out for 1 transfer and he´s been out for over a year, but it went really well.  We visited ... and had a really good cita with him about trusting in the Lord.  I would encourage you all to read Proverbs 3:5-6 as well as Alma 37:35-37.  It teaches us how we can really learn to put our will in the lords hands.  He always knows what´s best, and if we realize that, we´ll live much happier lives and know exactly what it is we need to do to improve.  After that, we went to ...´s house because our other citas failed us, and shared a similar message with him.  He´s an awesome guy and has a great testimony.  He´s basically a ward missionary.  You should see how many of the investigator progress records his name is on as a reference.  Just about all of them in his pueblo.  After that we headed home and talked about what we learned.  I learned from Elder L to really speak with humility and love.  He also taught me to not be afraid to contact people while we´re on our way somewhere, even if we don´t have time.  He is a MACHINE.

Wednesday, the highlight was visiting ...... and her dad.  This time her dad was there in the lesson for us and we did another lesson zero with them.  At first her dad was almost talking against us and telling us how it's hard for him to believe in God, but after we got to start with a prayer, the lesson really took off.  We taught almost perfectly and taught by the Spirit.  We were able to answer all the concerns that he had.  One of my favorites so far.  We left with an invitation back and a solid trust with the dadl.  Awesome guy.  Unfortunately, our other citas failed us that day.

Thursday, we got to eat at the O....´s house again, and they made lentil soup for us.  They make a lot of that here, but             it´s really good.  Also, we invited one of the Hermana´s investigators to come eat with us and we had a really good message about the Atonement with her.  The atonement always brings the spirit, and I think she received it well.  The Hermana´s are working with her now.  She´s going through a divorce right now, so maybe this is her time to accept the gospel.

Friday, we had an awesome special training meeting for our Zone with President Deere and the APs.  We talked a lot about talking with EVERYONE and the Lesson 0 and how important those both are.  We talked about how in General Conference it was said  that "If missionaries want more people to teach, they should talk to more people".  THAT'S TRUE.  That hit me hard and        it´s something that I really really need to work on.  Our conferences with them are always awesome and so inspired.  Afterward, We went on splits with Elder Flores and Elder Datwyler.  I went with Elder Datwyler, who has been out the same time as me, and we went out to try and get some lessons in because we didn´t plan for 2 companionships.  We didn´t end up getting into any houses, but we got a few futures investigators from street contacts. Thanks so much for the package this week! I got it on Friday when President came. That jerky is probably the most flavorful thing I´ve eaten since I got to Spain and it tasted so good.   And I haven´t used the ranch yet because I have to buy some stuff to make it, but thanks a ton!

Saturday, all the missionaries from our Zone went to Cartagena for a Cosecha or "Harvest".  We all split up with about 24 companionships and contacted for a few ours and I think we got about 115 futures from it.  it´s a good activity.  I went with Elder Berry (From Draper UT) and we got about 3 I think.  There were hardly any people in the streets, so we knocked a lot of doors as well.  After coming home from that, we visited  ....  again, and shared a message about Grace with him from 2 Nephi 25 and it went really well.  Still trying to work hard with him, but he´s not progressing much.  No luck the rest of that night.

Sunday, was a good day in church, but at the capilla I always have a head ache because I feel like 230498025 people are talking at once and I can´t understand anything anyone says.  After lunch, I went on splits AGAIN with a member who went on his mission to Madrid.  We did it so Elder Galarza could attend a meeting and we could still get our citas in.  His name is .....   and he´s such a cool guy.  He does work contacting too! He was a teacher in the MTC when I was there, so that was pretty weird to go proselyting with him, but lots of fun.  All our citas failed us again that night, but we knocked some doors in a couple buildings and got some futures out of it, so that was good.  We also taught a lesson at a door, which I had never done before.  Pretty interesting... ha ha.

Here´s the answers to your questions dad!

  • How is the ice cream coming? 
  •            Fortunately, we didn´t get any this  week.
  • Have you found any good milk yet?
  •            No.  They don´t know what good milk is here. It doesn´t exist.
  • Do they have anything like instant breakfast?
  •             Yeah, I´m sure they do.  I haven´t bought any though.
  • Have you visited with the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader (one on one) to get the engaged in the work?  Have you studied Chapter 13 of PMG and shared the highlights with them? Do they have copies of PMG--if not can you get copies for them?
  •            yes, we have and I think they do have copies.  Elder Galarza just met with them yesterday and talked about that.
  • What attribute have you come to appreciate in your companion?
  •           He doesn´t accept anything but the right way.  At first that really bugged me, but there are some things that you just can´t mess up and he knows it.  He´ll always correct me when I do something wrong like that, but it a nice way.
  • Do you need any more recipes?
  •           I´m good for now.  We do most of our cooking out of the freezer.... ;)
  • Any news on when you'll get ipads in your mission?
  •            No Idea about that.  Probably not for a while.
  • Are you missing Halloween?
  •            Not especially.  just good candy. 

That´s all for this week.  ¡'Que tengan una buena semana!  Les quiero mucho y espero que todo esté bien con vosotros!

Elder Adamson

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