Monday, November 4, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 11/4/2013

Buenos días from Spain!!
Here´s the week!

Last P day we went to a Cathedral in the middle of Murcia. Someone said it´s one of the biggest on this side of Spain.  Pretty cool though.  I attached some pictures of it.  Then we walked around Murcia for a while, checked out the bull fighting stadium, which is cool. I´ve heard some crazy things about them. After P day was over, we went to el Progreso, and our citas fell through, so we walked back to Murcia, and visited a family in the ward we haven´t met yet.  They´re Bolivians and super awesome people.  They´ve been members for about 5 years I think.  I can´t remember the apellido, though.  We shared a short message with them, and got a referral of one of her friends, so it was a good visit. 

Tuesday, we had our first district meeting with Elder Peters as the District Leader.  He´s a MACHINE.  He´s been out for over a year and a half and really knows how to do the work.  Our district was very very young before he came, but I know we´re going to be learning a lot from him.  Later that day, we went and ate lunch with Elder Ordoñez and Elder Bleazard, and afterwards went out to work.  We went to El Palmar to visit R.... and he offered us some coffee.  He said something like "Yeah, I was thinking about it and I don't think you Mormons drink coffee, but can you?.  That was a little bit worrysome because I´m not sure if he still really considers himself a member, but we´re working on that.. ha ha.  Later we went to ...´s house and taught him a solid lesson about praying and reading the scriptures to help him to progress to baptism.  After that, we visited J... and A....  After sharing a tiny message with them they gave us SEVEN referrals.  A menos activo and a Muslim.  WOW.         That´s more than we´ve received from anyone else combined since we got here. ha ha

Wednesday,  we got to visit ... again.  ... told us that he got kicked out of school that day for doing something, bad and he was pretty bummed out, so we shared a little message from Alma 37 with him.  After stopping there, we went to visit ... and taught her the restoration. and it was a pretty solid lesson as well.  She´s progressing pretty well and we hope to be able to work with her family more, they just never are at home.  That´s all the eventful things for Wednesday.

Thursday, Halloween, was good.  Spain celebrates Halloween just a little.  I´m pretty sure I saw like 3 middle aged women go out to go trick or treating.  Definitely not the same as the States, but they try. :)  We met with ... again this day and took ...(young men's president) with us to the lesson.  We talked about the Día de Reposo (Sabbath) and how ... can come to church. ... (YM pres.) is going to give him a ride to the capilla next week, so hopefully that works out.  Then ...(YM pres.) took us to his house and showed us just about every neat thing he owns.  We were there for a while. He´s a bit of a talker.  Then we shared a short message with him, and then went home.

Friday, we had a cita set with ... (wife of former investigator  that dropped us a long time ago) .  We showed up at their house, and only her husband  was home.  BUT he let us in and we taught another lesson 0 with him and mostly just built up lots of trust with him.  He is so much more comfortable with us now.  That was the big news of that day.

Saturday, we took E... with us to visit R... He seemed a little apprehensive when we told him that he might have to sing a little, like everyone does when we visit R....  We started off with a little karaoke as always, and R... was singing some Spanish song and all the sudden E... joins and and ROCKS THE HOUSE.  He is incredible.  He is a pure Spanish man and he sings like it too. He and R... sang a few more songs and were singing harmony and everything.  That was a good time.  I was laughing my head off because I couldn´t believe what was happening.  After that, we shared a message with him and extended the commitment for him to come to church with us. He started listing off  excuses and what now, and I was thinking "ppffffffft.. not again". Then E... was very bold with him and said " You don´t think that can be fixed".  E... did WORK in that lesson. He was bold but at the same time he had lots of concern for R...    E... was menos activo for 17 years so he had a lot to relate to R....     E... lives pretty far from R..., but next week, he´s going to go pick him up for church.  That was an amazing testimony of how much the members are a part of the work.  It was perfect.

Sunday, we had a good day at church,  we received like a million pastries from the ward secretary, and some more health food from J....  Later during proselyting time, we went to visit a future, and were able to get in and teach a lesson 0.  It was kind of weird because they asked questions like "What does Jesus look like?" but it went pretty well in the end.  Then, we went to visit ... ... and had a SUPER good lesson 1 with him.  It was the best I´ve taught since being on the mission and it was so comfortable.  Things are looking up for ... ....  He just needs to do his part.  That´s the way the gospel is.  We have to do our part.  People try to convince us of anything with words, but it doesn´t mean anything unless you know it´s true.  You can´t know           it´s true unless you try living it.  That´s the way to build a testimony.  Live like you believe.  I´ve learned a lot about that this week in studying why we extend commitments to people. The more I study the more my testimony grows.  That´s how it is.  I learn something new every day, and the more you know about the gospel, the more it just makes sense.  And here, it´s easy to see the difference in people who live the gospel and who don't.  Consider the blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments!!
That´s all for this week.  Thanks for the letters and the updates, I LOVE them.

Love, Elder Adamson  

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