Monday, November 25, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 11/25/2013

Hello family!! Happy Thanksgiving week!!  I feel dumb cause I thought it was last week... ha ha  Whoops.  Here´s the week.  

Monday, we had a pretty average P day, mostly just kind of hung out with everyone.  Then after, Elder Clark came with us to el Progreso, but unfortunately all our plans called us and bailed.  So we had pretty much nothing to do there.  El Progreso is kind of dying now.  We´dont really have much work there anymore.  Anyway, we came home that day without a single lesson.

Tuesday, Elder Clark was still with us because his comp was in Málaga, and we went to visit one of his investigators and had an eating cita with them. It was lots of fun and he had some pretty good food.  I had no idea what it was though.  Then after  a while we dropped Elder Clark off and hurried over to the bus station for El Palmar.  We had a quick visit with R... and J...and it went as usual.  They don´t have anyone visiting them yet.  After that we went and visited A...and shared a short message about the Atonement with him and he loved it.  We´ve got to work with him poco a poco, but he´s very accepting of u our message, even though he's pretty Muslim.

Wednesday was a SUPER off day.  We went to go eat with A..., and we´re just about there and the member that was going to come with us called and told us he was going to be 40 minutes late.  So, we had to wait outside her piso for about an hour because we can´t go in a house with a single woman.  But, eventually we got in, even though it kind of messed up all our plans for the rest of the day.  After eating with her, we went straight to the Capilla for English class.  This week I was trying to do some one on one teaching with an African man from Mali, and it was SO hard.  He speaks nothing of English and his Spanish is pretty bad. His native language is French.  Later I just called Elder Galarza in to help him, because he knows a good chunk of French.

Thursday, we had our weekly planning session and Elder Galarza had me do the entire thing by myself so I could prove to myself that I
know how to do it.  And I did it.  It was super long, but at least I know, I know how to do it.  Afterward, we met up with Elder Clark and Peters to do an intercambio. I went with Elder Clark to their area this time.  I went to all his citas with him and we found a new investigator for them.  Later that night in the piso, we ate some pumpkin squares that he made, and they we delicious.

Friday, Elder Clark and I went out in the morning to teach a member in the ward a little English.  She´s trying to learn so she can be a teacher for little kids.  It was pretty awkward though because we just kind of showed up and had no idea what we were going to teach her.  
I didn´t know what to start with because I didn´t know how much she knows, so we just started conjugating a bunch of verbs.  Then her husband brought out a pile of notes he took, and they were super good.   Later that day, we took a bus to Cartagena for the Thanksgiving dinner activity.  The stake president was there and it was also an activity for the YSA members too, so he was talking to them for a lot of it. He challenged them all to bring a friend to an activity this month.  And then, we all ate some turkey.  It was super good, and the members were super excited about it.  After the activity, we went to the Cartagena ZL´s piso to sleep.

Saturday morning, we woke up and played a little soccer with Cartagena and then got back on the bus for Murcia.  Everyone was a little stressed out because President was calling everyone to tell them what´s going to happen this transfer and where they´re going.  When we got back to Murcia, we went to visit R... again and then to L....  We taught L... about the Restoration and he asked a ton of really good questions.  He´s awesome and he´s got a fecha now for the 21 of Decemeber.  I´m excited to keep working with him.  L... M... is still in Madrid, but he gets back this week.  Later, we went to visit A...and shared another little message.  After, he showed us how he writes in arabic and french and everything.  I´ve never seen anyone write it before, but its super cool. That night, President Deere called us and told us what was going to happen with us. :)

Sunday was a really weird day.  We had our correlation meeting in the morning because church got moved to 5:00 in the afternoon. After that, we went to go eat with J... and he had her super good Lasagna again.  We shared a quick message with her, came back to the piso to study language a little bit and then went to church. It was weird to be having Sacrament meeting when it´s already pretty dark outside. Since the day was so weird, we didn´t get a chance to go out and work in our pueblos.

Anyway, this week has been pretty good and something that I liked that I read in the Book of Mormon this morning is Alma 37:44,45.  It´s so easy for us to find the word of Christ and easy to understand.  All that he wants for us is the best.  His way is set and it´s clear for all of us.  All we need to do is seek the word of Christ and follow it to eternal life.  His plan is simple, and perfect.  The Book of Mormon is our Liahona.  It contains the word of Christ and leads us straight to Him if we study it.

So on Saturday, we found out what´s going to happen with us this week, since it´s transfer week. Elder Galarza is heading out to Nerja, which is a pueblo of Málaga.  He´s going to do some good work there. 
It´s a branch of only 26 members, but he´ll do a lot of good there.  I´m staying here in Murcia!  My new companion´s name is Elder Johnson and he´s from Ogden I think.  Not sure.  He´s been in the mission for just under a year I think. I don´t know much more about him, but I´m excited to meet him this week.  

Have a great Thanksgiving family!  I´m thankful for all of you and I love and miss you all tons.

Elder Adamson

Finally Pictures of Elder Adamson!!

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