Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 11/11/2013

Hello everyone!
We didn´t have the best week, but we´ve learned lots from what we´ve done.

Monday, we went to el progreso and had no luck with investigators, but we were able to visit P... and also the Familia A..., both of the citas went pretty well.  We didn´t do anything eventful for P day.  Just walked around the Gran Vía for a while with some other Murcia Elders.

Tuesday, we went to visit R... and J...  We shared pretty good messages with them, but they still have their silly excuses.  We´re leading them to the water as best as we can, but we just can´t make them drink.  We´re not making very much progress with them.  We´re learning a lot from this though.

Wednesday, we went to visit a different menos activo who is an RM and is making a lot more progress. He´s already come to church 2 times.  He´s told us that he knows what he needs to do, he just needs to get up and do it.  Right now, he´s following through with that very well.  We didn´t have any luck that day, but we went to Clases de Ingles and helped a little there.  Elder Ordoñez was helping teach the class and was writing all the English words how they sound with the Spanish alphabet, and it was one of the funniest things I´ve ever seen.  I know that doesn´t sound funny at all to you, but you really just had to be there.  He speaks almost no English, but when he does, it´s so unexpected and funny.

Thursday, I did an intercambio with Elder Peters and we went to El Palmar.  J.. bailed on us again, which wasn´t too awesome, because he was our main plan in el Palmar, but we did our best to salvage the day, and went to visit J... and A..., and tried to help him to come to church, but he didn´t show up this week. :(  Later we went to to the Familia G... and then P... talked to us about the Abrahamic covenant and patriarchal blessings.  We were able to share a short message with them after and it was a good time. They´re an awesome family.

Friday, we had a really good zone meeting in the morning and we met back up with our companions there,  We talked a lot about how to help our investigators come to church, which was awesome, because we struggle with that a lot here.The things that come from President Deere are always so inspired for the whole mission.  After that we went to Domino's as a zone and ate some buffet pizza.  I thought I would never eat Domino's again after the MTC but I´ve eaten it like 5 times since then. ha ha After lunch, we went home and studied and then went to help Elder Ordoñez and Bleazard move, because they are changing pisos.  It was quite a site to see.  6 missionaries wheeling a bunch of suitcases through Murcia, some carrying mattresses on their heads, and others carrying boxes full of stuff.  That took up pretty much our whole night, but they needed some help.  It´s not easy to change pisos without a car.

Saturday was really good.  We went to visit R... with E... and for the FIRST time, R... wasn´t there when we got there.  E... told us that he had talked to some ward members about him and J... and that they have always been this way.  Members and Elders have worked with them and always things happen the same.  E... told us this just so we wouldn't be wasting our time with them. That´s something we didn´t know anything about before. It´s a really tough call to make, but it has to be made.  Our time here is precious and we can´t waste it.  That´s something I´ve learned a LOT this week.  It´s hard to drop R... and J... because we´ve worked with them a lot and have grown to love them, but we can´t control their agency. We´re not positive what we´ll do yet, but we´re probably going to have to drop them. After we tried visiting R..., we went to J... J... house and did a Noche de Hogar  (FHE) with them.  E... and his wife came as well.  The lesson turned out a little weird and went super long, but I could feel the spirit so strong while we testified.  G... (J...s wife) wants so badly to be sealed in the Temple, but J... isn´t a member yet.  He´s talked with missionaries before, but he just hasn´t done his part and asked if it´s true yet.  Things are looking a lot better this time around and we´ve got another cita set with them for next week.

Sunday was pretty good too.  J... J... came to church with G... which was awesome to see.  He´s progressing little by little.  I´m praying hard for him.  After church we ate with the Familia M... and ate another really good equadorian dish.  After that we went and visited the Familia A...  They´re one of my favorites in all the ward.  SO nice.  We´re running out of investigators fast, we´ve got to start finding again.  This week we´re gonna work hard to find people.

That´s it for the week!

I´m reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish right now for our 85 day challenge in the mission.  I love it and I´m understanding more and more as I go.  The Book of Mormon has so much power, and truly contains the word of God.  We should  study it and apply it and always strengthen our testimony of it, because it truly testifies of Christ and helps us to understand him and what he wants for us.  I´m learning a lot about how to put my trust in the will of God by reading it.

Love you all un montón!
Elder Adamson

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