Monday, December 2, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 12/2/2013

Hey Er´ebody.  This has been a really great first week of the Transfer and I´m excited to report on it.

Monday, We had a noche de hogar (FHE) with P...´s familiy and we had a lot of fun there.  I made some little drawings like you do in primary to help the younger kids understand.  We also ate some SUPER garlicky sauce.  It tasted really good, but I woke up the next day tasting it again, and yes I did brush my teeth the night before.  Then we went and visited the A... family so that Elder Galarza could say good bye to them.  That´s about all for that day.

Tuesday, was a little crazy.  Elder Clark was with us again because Elder Peters was in Malaga again.  We went to all our set citas and then visited the Bishop so they could say goodbye to him.  He brought out tons of Christmas time snacks and we had a little feast.  That night we had to come back to the piso early so Elder Galarza could pack everything up.  That night we had 6 Elders sleeping in our freezin cold piso so they could get to the bus station on time in the morning.  It was a wreck, but it´s all cleaned up again.

Wednesday was even more crazy.  I went to the bus station back and forth to pick up and drop off missionaries that were transferring.  That´s what you get for living next to the bus station during transfer week.  I walked ALL OVER Murcia that day.  I´m pretty sure more than I´ve ever walked in a day of working.  Super exhausting, but at last, my new comp arrived!!  Elder Johnson is a stud and he´s been out on his mission for about a year now.  He´s half Korean and he´s from Brigham City.  He speaks Spanish just about perfectly and he is a really hard worker.  I´m really pumped for this transfer.  He also brought a guitar with him from Granada.  A GUITAR.  He´s WAY better than me, but now we´ve got one in the piso we can play when we have free time.  He´s teaching me a sweet version of I Feel My Saviors love right now.  Wooo hooooo.  I don't have a picture of him yet, but I´ll take one this week when we´re looking good.  Later that night we went to English class and then went back to the piso to get settled in.

Thursday, We had our weekly planning in the morning and all went well.  Not much to report there...ja ja.  During Medio dia, all the Murcia Elders got together at the capilla (chapel) and we got Kebab for Thanksgiving.  No Turkey for us, but it was a merry little celebration. Later that day we went out to work and everyone failed us so we went to go meet some member families for Elder Johnson.  Pretty normal day, but a little disappointing  It´s all good though.

Friday, we had another pretty off day, but it ended well.  We had a good district meeting with the new folks here.  Elder Peters is training a new Elder named Elder Baker from Chicago.  It rocks not being the youngest anymore..ha ha.  I feel experienced now... at least a little bit.  Later that night we passed by a Nigerian antiguo, and set a cita (appointment) with her, which is pretty hard, because she is super flojo.  BUT Elder Johnson has worked with a lot of Africans, so he´s got some experience and knows how to relate to them.  That was a little miracle.  Later that night, we were walking to our other pueblo and we happened to see N... outside, and I asked if we could go up with her and see her mom, and her mom was home this time.  We´ve been trying to find her for a while.  Her mom is named P... and she´s menos activo (less active) and she isn´t baptized.  There is a lot for potential with that family and we´re going to work with them this week to see what we can do.  P... has even told us that she has desires to return as well, so that´s awesome.  I´m excited for them.

Saturday was another really good day.  We visited J..., R..., and A... and had really good citas with all of them.  The best cita of the day was with L... M... and it was really good.  We finally got to teach him the restoration and we set a fecha (date) with him for the 21st of Dec.  The same as his Dad´s.  They were a little uncertain about it, but we told them a ton of times we´ll be there to support them in their progression.  Good, good guys, though.  I wish you could meet them.  We also got HEATING today.  We called our dueño (landlord) and he brought us over two radiators and a microwave.  Christmas came early this year.  He also brought me 20 euros that he owed me which was an added bonus. :)  Elder Johnson is the master of Nesquik hot chocolate and we´ve had it like every day this week. Sooo good.  Bishop would be proud.

Sunday, we had a good day at church, and Elder Johnson met all the members and all.  It was a good day.  Then afterwards, we set some eating citas with people.  One thing I´ve surprised myself with on the mission is how bold I´ve been.  I just straight up ask people to feed us now.  And also to be baptized, more importantly. :)  Seriously though, that part of me has changed a lot.  Later that night we went and visited J... and had a really good cita with him.  We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited him to be baptized and he accepted a fecha for the 21st of December.  That is another little miracle.  We´ve been moving pretty slow with him and now he´s getting more and more comfortable with us.  G... looked super happy when we set the fecha, and a few tears were shed.  What a great job I have.  "Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

This week I just want to talk about how much I love this mission.  It´s such a blessing to be here sharing the most valuable thing on earth.  I love it so much.  The Lord is working miracles and I´m so glad that I´ve been chosen to be an instrument in the gathering of his children.  There´s not a better work in all this world.  It´s hard at times, but I´ve really grown to love it.  The people, the work, the miracles, my comps and everything else.  Thanks, family, for the support you give me, and for helping me to get out here to Spain.  I wouldn´t chose to be anywhere else but here.  THANK YOU.

That´s all this week.  Love you all so so so so so much.  Have a great week.
Elder Adamson

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