Monday, December 9, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 12/9/2013

 Elder Johnson and Elder Adamson

Sorry I´m writing late today.  It´s a Festivo day here and pretty much everything closes down here so we had to find a different place to come write.

This Monday, I went and bought a sweater so I wouldn´t die of frost bite (kidding).  Later that night we went over to P...´s place and did another Noche do Hogar with them.  It was tons of fun and we got some inactive family members to come as well as their children who haven´t been baptized yet, like N... and P....  Lots of fun with them though.  We played some games and had a merry old time.

Tuesday, we headed over to El Palmar and ate with the Patriarch´s family.  His daughter made us some Korean food, which I sent you a picture of.  It was super good and we also had some really good pasta.  She is a master chef basically.  We visited R... and the Familia S... after that and shared quick messages with them.  After that our other plans fell through so we went to knock a few doors and found a Moroccan man named A... who was pretty cool.  We taught him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and he seemed to like it and told us we could come back to talk with him.  We also got to see J... that night, but he   didn´t seem too stoked that we came.  After, we went and gave a Lesson 3 to L... and L... M... and talked about how they can prepare for their fecha baptismal on the 21st.  They´re awesome and are FULL of real intent.  Later we passed by J... and A... and shared a mensajito (message) with them.

Wednesday, we ate with A... again and M... A... also came (potential investigator)  We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and they seemed to enjoy the message.  Later we went over to P...'s house to do a little service and we taught N... and her friend some English.  They´re learning in school so we helped them with their homework.  Later that night, we went to teach English class at the capilla but not a SINGLE soul was there.  Super weird, because we´ve always had at least 1 or 2 people there and some times more than 10.  Then we had a little correlation meeting with the district to find out which of the members on the list are menos activos or actives, which was time well spent.  We had 7 set citas for this day, but all fell through except for 2. Bad days happen all the time, but it´s nothing out of the ordinary. :)

Thursday, we had an eating cita with J... J... and G....  She made some really good Ecuadorian dealio and some cake she made.  We didn´t have too much time to talk to J... because he had to go to work, but we talked to him also about how he can progress toward his fecha.  Later we had a little miracle and were able to get in a piso of 2 menos activos named J... and P... that doesn´t have a timbre (bell) so we´ve never been able to get in, but the door was open this time, so we went in and got both of the information.  After that we had our interviews with President Deere and it was a good time.  We talked about maybe moving out to El Palmar since the majority of our work is there and we wouldn´t have to travel so much to get there, (takes like 30 minutes on a bus to get there).  We´re thinking about it...  More to come.

Friday, we had some Specialized Training from President and we talked about the purpose of the Book of Mormon. We had a good time there and learned some good ways to present the Book of Mormon and all.  Later we went to El Palmar, and we were able to sneak a lesson with J... in again.  We read the first part of Enos with him and talked about it because he was kind of antsy to get out with his friends.  Later, we went to visit L... and L... M... again and talked about how reading, praying and coming to church are going to help them feel ready to be baptized.  They´re both super sincere and want to do the will of God, but they have this idea that they can´t be baptized until they have enough "conocimiento" or knowledge.  We´re working hard to help them learn that it´s just the first step and that they can be ready for the 21st.  

Saturday, we had the most awesome day of soccer ever.  L... and L... M... both showed up to play and had a great time.  They were laughing a lot and got to know a ton of members.  I also scored like 230349 goals that day.  Being in Spain is making me better at soccer. After soccer, we shared a message with them and showed them the capilla and they liked it a lot.  We told them about following the prophet and how we are blessed as we keep the commandments.  They took it very well and have testimonies that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  :) :)  We also visited them later that night with M... and taught the Word of Wisdom.  At first L... was a little iffy about the coffee and tea part, but then he just accepted it and said that if God says we shouldn´t do something, then we shouldn´t do it.  What a guy!  Super good day.

Sunday, we went to church and GUESS WHO CAME??  L... and L... M... showed up and they told us that they really liked it and that it was really beautiful.  Theýre on their way!  I was super happy with the members because they all welcomed them and really took them in.  Later that night we had a cita with J... J... and G... because he wasn´t there at church.  When we got there, J... didn´t want to come out and listen.  G... was super sad, but there´s not anything that we can do.  He´s got his agency, but I wish he would just do his part and listen to us.  G... just wants to be married in the Temple, but until J... accepts the gospel and stops being lazy, it can´t happen.  I wish I could do something more for them, but it´s up to him, really :/

We´ve seen lots of Miracles this week.  The mission is awesome now.  I´m done training and I really feel like I´m settling into it now.  I know what I´m doing a lot more now and I´m LOVING it.  Some people might think that miracles have ceased or that they never existed.  To who ever says that, I´d like to give them a Book of Mormon and some good quality time to read it.  The Book of Mormon itself is a miracle to me. It´s part of God´s "Marvelous Work" and it´s the way for us to know if all this is true.  Those who read it and pray about it will come to know that Christ is our Savior, that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God to restore His church, and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the kingdom of God on this earth.  I love to testify of that, and I do it just about every day here.

 That´s all for this week.  Elder Johnson and I are working super well together and we´ve had a lot of success.  We´re working hard and I´m excited to report the miracles of next week to you. 

Have a great week!  Love you all!

Elder Adamson

Missionaries come in all sizes!!

This threesome always gets a few laughs when they go out together.

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