Monday, December 23, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 12/23/2013


Last Monday, we had a super fun noche de hogar at P...´s house.  We shared a fun little message. Ether 12:6 and it was a good success. Later we played some good games and had and all around good time.

Tuesday, we headed over to R...´s house and then went out to find some new investigators, but didn´t really have a lot of luck.  Got some doors slammed in our faces, pero así es a veces... :)  Later we went and visited L... and L... M... and the daughter B... was there as well, and we shared a little message about the Libro de Mormón with them.  After that, J... failed us so we ended up at the S...´s house and they hooked us up with some hot colocao and cookies. :)

Wednesday, Elder Johnson and I went out in the morning to trying and find some folks, but the futures that we had failed us and didn´t want anything, so we knocked a TON of doors there.  During mediodia we went to visit G... and J... and had SALMON.  The first fish I´ve eaten in the field.  It made it down with no problem, but I´m pretty sure I swallowed a fair amount of little bones.  I´m not dead though. Later we went to visit M..., and woke him up from a nap, but he was pretty cool about it.  Then we had to head for Murcia for the English class and the first ever Missionary Noche De Hogar in the capilla.  The Noche de hogar was a good success for a first time and we had a good amount of investigators there.  We shared a little message about the will of God at the beginning and then we played EFY type games the rest of the time and it was tons of fun.  After the Noche de Hogar, we talked with L... M... Most amazing experience on the mission so far.  We just shared a little short message with him and then he just opened up and told us everything about what he had learned.  He told us that he has received his answer that this church is true and that he knows that he needs to be baptized.  We reset a fecha with him for the 5th of January,  Also, he told me that he thinks it was the Holy Ghost that told him to let me and Elder Galarza in when we knocked the door.  WOW. I was speechless.  I´ve never taught someone prepared like this until now.

Thursday, we headed over to Palmar and visited L... and L... M... again.  We shared a little tiny message and then gave them the baptismal questions without them knowing it.  We gave them the whole interview and they passed it with flying colors.  We did it mostly to help them feel more ready because L... padre feels like he doesn´t know enough yet, but we´ve taught him everything.  Also, his super Catholic wife is not helping, but he´ll be baptized.  We set the fecha again with L... as well.  Super cool day.

Friday, we went to a pueblo that we have called La Alberca.  I´ve only been there like 3 times total.  We went to try and find some new investigators.  We visited a ton of futures and antiguos but didn´t really get any luck until S....    She´s an antiguo from a few months ago that looks like she just lost contacts.  She told us we can come back next week and she´ll gladly recieve us.  Later we were looking for some menos activos and we happened to pass J... P... (member) and she took us to her house to meet 2 Ecuadorians that live below her and we got a couple new investigators there. :)  Turned out pretty well for the risk we took on going to La Alberca.

Saturday was the baptism of J...--an investigator of the other Elders who they found like 2 weeks ago.  He already wants to serve a mission and is a total maquina.  L... and L... M..., as well as N..., came to see it and they loved it. (YESSSSS). Later we had our Cena de Navidad (Christmas Dinner) and it was a good time.  We sat with L... and L... M... and had a fun time.  I showed them the picture book of the family and we also chatted with these two Russians  that I´m pretty sure live on the street.  They were cool.  Anyway, it was a good night.

Sunday, L... and L... M... both showed up at the capilla again and enjoyed the meetings.  They´re doing really well.  After church, we had some leftover chicken from the cena (dinner) and then went out to work.  Our main plans failed us, but we met a new Nigerian named T... and taught him a short lesson about the Book of Mormon.  Then we visited M... and later J... and G..., and I gave J... a blessing of health because he pinched a nerve or something in his side.  It was a really cool experience.

This week the mission had a goal to find 800 new investigators which is beyond high, and we were able to find 847!  Really cool.  Elder Johnson and I were only able to contribute about 5 to that, but we got the goal!

Christmas is here and I can hardly believe it.  Jesus came in the the world in the most humbly manner, and yet he is the Savior of us all.  He is our Salvation and if we follow his example and be humble, and submit our will´s to the Lord´s He will lead us straight to the kingdom that awaits us.  Humility is the key.  

Super good week.


 Elder Adamson

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