Monday, April 14, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 4/14/2014

Hello everyone!

This week has been a little bit crazy because the Semana Santa just started here and it´s HUGE in Sevilla.  I´ll attach some pictures I took walking between a few citas.  This hasn´t been the best week.  Most of the people we are teaching right now are out of town for Semana Santa and we found out that our one progressing investigator moved away this week.  The work has been pretty slow this week, but I´m sure it will pick up again a little after Semana Santa is over.

This week we spent a lot of time with H... and N... and they got some bad news this week.  They both had birthdays this week so we took them some homemade brownies and I shared some of my Easter candies you sent to me with them. They told us that they got news that the job H... came to Spain for wasn´t going to work out in the end, which was a huge blow to them, because they made a lot of sacrifices to come here for the job.  At first they told them that they had to come to Spain first to talk about the job, but when they got here they found out that they had to have some sort of contract to work there and that he had to have done it while he was still in Brazil. They sold all their things back at home and didn´t have plans to go back and live in Brazil.  Now H... is just looking for other jobs that could work out for him, because the other company won´t work out. We´ve visited them a lot this week, and talked a little about that, but they are still full of faith. They still recognize that it was the Lords hand that brought them into the right church, and that´s helping them a lot right now.  We finally got to see them get confirmed members of the church and we got to hear their sweet testimonies again in sacrament meeting.  Great people.  H... and N... also fed us a ton of snacks all the times we visited them this week.  They don´t like the cured ham they have here, so we ate a lot of that because M... A... gave them some.  I´ve eaten about 2 billion green olives this week too since I bought a huge jar full of them.

We also did a service project in Utrera for R... picking up a bunch of fire wood from the olive trees and throwing it into the back of a trailer behind a tractor. We were there the whole morning tossing sticks with an old spanish man.  It was lot of fun though and we were there with Elder Brewer and Datwyler and J... made us lunch and breakfast.  We came home super tired though.  The picture of me on the tractor is from that day.

This week we also had a Zone meeting in Sevilla and our Zone leaders are Elders Johnson and Ordoñez now.  Two of my great friends from Murcia and here in Sevilla with me again.  We had a good zone meeting and afterward, the Wilsons made us all root beer floats because they bought a bunch from the base.

How did your first week go with your new companion? 
         Great.  Elder Enfield is a maquina.  We forgot to take pictures together, so I´ll send one next week.

Dad was hoping the other night when we had root beer floats that you got to have one as well with that root beer.  Did they take your suggestion and try it?  
           I´m not sure, I´ll have to ask.  I don´t know if they like it enough to try it.  ha ha

How did the confirmation go for H.. and N...?  
          Great, and smoothly.  No problems.  Just the way we like ´em. :)

Do you have any plans for Easter?
            yes, we´re going to eat dinner with the C... family this week. (Americans that work on the base)

That´s pretty much all the exciting things that have gone on this week.  Hope your week is good back at home.  Love you!

Elder Adamson

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