Monday, April 28, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 4/28/2014

Hello everyone!  Here´s the week.

Last Monday for Pday, we had another ping pong tournament in our piso and went out to a pizza buffet which was pretty mediocre, but we all had a good time together.  Later that night, we went to go visit S... and one of his Spanish friends happened to be over and she had some good questions to ask us and stayed to listen to the lesson and we got a new investigators there that came out of nowhere.

Tuesday, we had our district meeting and I gave a little lesson on the role of the Spirit in conversion.  I used the little pipe and water example dad always uses when he talks about the priesthood and applied it to the Spirit.  Later, we went on Intercambios (exchanges), and Elder Chumbipuma came with me.  We went to go see A.., M..., and P..., stopped by the´s house and that´s about it.  We didn´t have too much luck last night, but it was fun to be with a native Elder again for the day.

Wednesday morning, we switched back companions so I had to go to Alacalá to pick up Elder Enfield.  In Alcalá we accidentally took a bus to Sevilla, but we found our way home after.  When we got home we went to eat at J... and A...´s house and then taught some English to L....  Later that night we went to the Noche de hogar (Home Evening) and A... taught the lesson.  He did super good and he was really proud of himself.

Thursday, we had our weekly planning, and Elder Webb came to stay with us for a few hours while he waited for his train.  When we went out with him, we had very few plans and we ran right through them in about an hour so we started to knock doors.  By the end of the time he was here, we had found 4 new investigators, and contacted a menos activo that hasn´t had contact with the church for about 20 years.  We had a day of miracles for sure.  

Friday, the Zone Leaders came over to do intercambios with us, and again we had very little work, even less with 2 companionships working the same area, but we were able to find a lot of good potential investigators the  rest of the week.  I went with Elder Ordoñez and Elder Enfield went with Elder Johnson.

Saturday, we harvested the seeds we planted with our potential investigators from the day before.  Elder Enfield and I found a new investigator named J... from Ecuador who is a really nice guy.  He´s about 22 and seems to be pretty interested.  Right after we finished talking to him, we went across the hall of the building and knocked the door of another potential investigator and he let us in as well.  His name is D..., also from Ecuador and is about 17 years old and seems to be a really good kid.  Those were 2 great miracles.  Finding through knocking doors isn´t usually that promising, but the Lord blessed us this time.  Later we went to see A... and ended the night.

Sunday, we walked to church with A... and F..., and had a great meeting.  Elder Enfield and I had to teach the gospel principles class on prophets and it went pretty well.  In the afternoon, A... came out with us to look for people but we had no luck, so we ended up seeing the V... family and A... invited us to his house for dinner.

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission, but at the same time, we´ve seen lots of miracles. The Lord has blessed us a lot this week. We were able to find 7 new investigators this week that all seem to be very good. We can only thank the Lord for His help this week because it seems like they just came all the sudden, people that we hadn´t been able to contact for a very long time let us in, and future investigators let us in as well. We are very grateful for all the miracles we´ve seen this week, and hope to see even more in this week of consecration!  We belong to a God who gives and takes away and he is aware of all of us.  2 Nephi 10:22-24

¡'Os quiero y hasta la proxima! (I love you and until next time!)

Elder Adamson

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