Monday, April 7, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 4/7/2014

Hello Family!

This has been a great conference weekend and a great time in the mission.  This week I had to say goodbye to Elder Woodford which was super hard because he was a great companion and a great friend.  But now he´s back in Wyoming with his family and I´m sure he´s loving it.  My new companion, Elder Enfield, arrived about 2 hours after Elder Woodford left.  He´s 6´4" and he´s from California.  He´s been in the mission for about 5 months now and started his mission in Puertollano, Castilla la Mancha.           He´s still 18 and we´re pretty sure he´s the youngest missionary in the mission but it doesn´t show at all.  He´s super fun, loves music and we get along great.  He´s a hard worker and I´m super excited to get working with him. 

This week was a bit more calm because we weren´t running around to get a baptism ready.  I took Elder Enfield around to meet a lot of the members and he´s making some super good first impressions.  We went to go see Helton and Natalia a few times this week and had a blast with them.  Neither of us like seafood, and N... brought out this tiny little fried fish called boquerones.  We both just kind of looked at each other and went for it and they weren´t too bad unless you thought about the fact that you were eating an ENTIRE fish.  It´s a super common tapa here in Spain.  A few days later we brought them some root beer that a member gave us from the base and they didn´t like it. ha ha B... said it tasted like toothpaste.  I told them to try it with a little vanilla ice cream and that that was one of my dad´s favorite things.

This weekend we got to go to Sevilla to watch General Conference and it was soo good.  I got a lot of answers to questions I had especially about my role as a missionary. All the missionaries watched it together in English and we brought a ton of snacks to share.  We got to see all the sessions but one. and I think it was Sunday afternoon that we didn´t catch.  So I´m going to have to check those ones out later.  Conference is super fun as a missionary.  My favorite talks were from Elder Hallstrom and Elder Bednar. I forgot my notes in the piso, but something I really liked was when Elder Bednar told us that we should yoke ourselves with Christ, and that he will be pulling with us and for us.  I also loved how he talked about how the Lord doesn´t necessarily take away our trials, but he makes us stronger in helping us to withstand our trials with our faith in Christ.  That´s the truth.  If Heavenly Father just took away all the trials we had when we asked Him to, how would we ever progress?  Faith doesn´t grow unless you exercise it and ask for help to overcome trials.  Maybe He won´t take away our load, but       he´ll help us to bear it, which in the end is the better option.

What was the reason that H... and N... came to Spain from Brazil?  
         They came for work, because H... had been offered a job here.  They´re working that out right now.

Are they related to M... A... or did they know him before they arrived in Spain?
         No, there´s no relation, but we brought M... A... to a few of the lessons because he lived in Brazil when he was a young man and he speaks Portuguese.  He´s a machine and he´s already taking care of H...and N...

Were they able to go to General Conference with you?     
         Yes, they watched it with M... A....  I haven´t talked to them about it yet.  

That´s all for this week!  Hasta la próxima y cuídense.  (Until next time, take care.)

Con Amor,  (With Love,)

Elder Adamson

Elder Adamson's P-day

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