Monday, March 31, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 3/31/2014

I don´t even know how to start this email off, but here goes.

This week, we focused pretty much everything we had on H... and N...  We went over to their house almost every day,  we did our best to get them involved with members and ward activities and help them to gain a strong testimony about the restored gospel. 

 But, even though we worked hard, I really don´t think WE did much at all.  N... and H... have been so prepared to hear the gospel.  They´ve been in and out of other churches in Brazil because they couldn´t find one that was just right, but the Lord has answered their humble prayer to find the true church in Spain.  H... and N... were both baptized last night in Sevilla by M... A....  This is one of the sweetest things that I´ve seen on my mission. 

 Baptisms are always special, but this one was special in a different way, because I´ve seen the Lord working so much in their lives from all the things they´ve told us.  After their baptism they bore beautiful testimonies, and
it´s something that I´ll never forget. I´m thankful to be a part of all of this work. The Lord truly does prepare people to receive the gospel!  I know that now more than ever!

Our week has really been centered on them and getting them ready for the baptism.  H... and N... will be confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in two weeks from now (after general conference). I couldn´t be more happy with them. In every lesson with them they listened so attentively and they just soaked everything up, and when it came time for them to have their interviews, they were amazing.  Elder Buckway was amazed when we were walking out of the interview. Just to tell a few more fun things, they invited us over on Sunday morning to eat breakfast with them and guess what we ate.  Just guess. We ate hot dogs for breakfast. ha ha ha  They said it´s typical in Brazil and it was really good, but it was kind of weird to eat it in the morning.  They made some really good toppings though with tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

This week in Church N...´s Mom and Dad visited us in the capilla and we got some pictures with them, so you should be hearing from them pretty soon.  Let me know!  They brought me a second bottle of Cholula this week at church just in case I ran out. ha ha  Sweet folks. Hermana Kunz and Elder Woodford both gave their last testimonies here in the Dos Hermanas Ward and everyone was sad to see them go. They've done a lot of great work here and everyone loves them so much.  We also got to hear testimonies from N..´s parents which was very special for the members here as well.

I also got a call from President Deere telling me that my new companion is Elder Enfield.  Not sure how it's spelled, but  
he´s coming from Puertollano.  He´s been here in the mission for 3 transfers, and I´m excited to meet him!  More next week on the lad.

WHAT A GREAT WEEK.  I can barely believe it.

That´s it for this week!  I love you all and have a good one!

Hasta la próxima  (Until next time)

Elder Adamson

Bowling P-day
 Elder Adamson has not lost his sense of humor or else his appetite has gotten the best of him!!

District Missionaries

Zone Conference, Sevilla, 25 March 2014
Elder Adamson is on the second row in the back wearing a big smile.

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