Monday, March 24, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 3/24/2014

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN AMAZING so I´ll cut to the chase... :)

Tuesday, was an amazing day.  This week Elder Woodford and I found an amazing Brazilian family.  They have only been here in Spain for about 2 weeks and speak next to no Spanish but we´re able to communicate well with each other.  The parents names are E.. and N.. and they´re probably in the 30´s and they have 2 kids named V... (7) and B... (6).  M... invited us over to meet them because they just moved in with him.  Things are going great with them.  Yesterday they came to church with us and the loved it.  The members all welcomed them right in and showed them lots of love.  M... A...(a Spanish member) lived in Brazil for a long time and speaks Portuguese so he´s been helping us out a lot in lessons and in the church. We´ve also been using Portuguese pamphlets.  They´ll learn Spanish really fast though because Portuguese and Spanish are VERY similar.  Even Elder Woodford and I can understand them pretty well.  After church we went to visit them with Alex and we asked if he understood much and he said he understood parts.  We told him that we understood almost all of it and he said something like "Duh! You guys have the gift of tongues!!" hahahaha.  We got into the piso and the first thing N... asked us was "How do we become members of the church?". So, Elder Woodford and I started right into teaching the about the gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism and they excepted a baptismal date for next Sunday after church!!  They had a lot of good questions and ended up asking us about tithing and the word of wisdom in that same lesson so we ended up teaching those things too.  They accepted them so easily I could hardly believe it and it even made me a little nervous, to be honest.  After we talked about those things, we talked to them about how important it is to have a testimony as well, and as soon as we said that, she started telling us about how before when they lived in Brazil they had gone to a lot of churches and that when they decided to move to Spain they had prayed the God would "put them in the correct church".  When they said that I was almost holding back tears I was so amazed.  What a miracle!  They´ve only been here for two weeks, and we had even anticipated teaching them before they moved here because Marcos told us they were coming.  The Lord brought them right to us.  Not only that, he has prepared them even before arriving here.  They accepted the 3 most difficult things for investigators to accept, all in the 3rd cita we had with them (the first 2 we taught the Restoration and watched the Joseph Smith movie in Portuguese.  Baptism, tithing, and the Word of Wisdom.  That´s all I could think about yesterday.  This is one of the most amazing things I´ve seen yet.  Please try to keep this family in your prayers this week!  That has really been the highlight this week.  We´ve had a hard time finding new investigators but this week, was a great blessing.  

We were also blessed to find a new African friend to teach named D....  He´s huge, from Cameroon, and the nicest guy ever. He speaks perfect Spanish too. 

  He and his friend as bouncers at the dance clubs here. It´s funny though, because these guys wouldn´t hurt a fly.

This was a kind of different letter, but I didn´t want to waste time writing the less significant stuff that I sometimes do.  

How is your ward in Dos Hermanos
The ward here is really good, and we have a great bishop as well.  It´s really nice a friendly.  More than it was is Murcia, but    they´re good people there too.
What do you do for service in your mission?
Depends.  Sometimes we help with house repairs, sometimes we teach English.  I haven´t painted any houses or anything yet, like the typical missionary... ha ha

  What are the plans to watch April Conference?
           No idea. haha Probably just in Spanish with the members
  What has been your best creation in the kitchen?
          Elder Woodford and I make some MEAN chicken tacos
  What do you do to retain your converts?
             Something President Deere told me is that we need to keep our converts involved with the Ward, and with the Lord, so that´s what we do.  Help them to keep reading and prayer, going to church and ward activities and things like that.

That's the week, though.  I hope everything is going well back at home!

Élder Adamson

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