Monday, March 17, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 3/17/2014

Hey Err´body.  Here´s the week!

Last Monday, we went to the Cathedral in Sevilla and it is HUGE.  It´s a really awesome place and there were tons of Americans there too, ha ha.  I got some pictures there including one next to the tomb of Christopher Columbus. .
Finding  Christopher Columbus
We went and saw the girls and S..that night and things are still the same with them...

Tuesday was just an absolutely normal day.

Wednesday we found a new investigator named P....  She's got to be at least 70 years old, but she listens!  Things   don´t look like they´ll be too fruitful there, but we might be able to find some more new investigators with her help.  We went back again later during the week and she asked us where we were from and we told her we were from the United States and she replied, "Where´s that?".  Me and Elder Woodford just kind of looked at each other and said "in the West", and then she followed that answer up with "Where´s the West?"  Soo.....     Later that day, we contacted this enormous African named D... and he seemed like a super nice guy. All the Africans here are the nicest people ever.

Thursday, we ate with some members and I had some chicken liver and chicken heart as well.  Not my favorite thing      I´ve eaten here, but it went down easily. ha ha.  Later that night we went to go visit N... and R...and his mom is here visiting until April.  We had a great time over at their house and got to teach R... about the restoration.  Elder Woodford and I were both slipping a few spanish words out here and there, but other than that the lesson went great.  They also fed us some Crock-pot spaghetti.  Great night.

Friday, We ate with the V... family and shared a mensajito  (message) with them at their house and then had our English class later but only one student showed up. We also visited X... and J... and A... that night.

Saturday, we helped J... V... clean the capilla (chapel)  in the morning with A... which was good fun, and then we took A... with us to visit E....  NOTHING was accomplished in that cita and I think we´re done going there.  She just wanted to bible bash about things she didn´t even understand herself.  People like that just really can´t be taught, because they don´t want to be. She doesn´t except hardly anything we say and there was one point were she tried to tell us we were wrong when we said that Christ was resurrected in the flesh.  It was a bit ridiculous.  Later that night we went to a birthday party of a member and brought A... and J... along with us. 

Sunday, was good.  I translated at church again and I´m getting lots better at it.  After church we went to go see P... and M...(members) and they fed us a TON of food.  Later that afternoon, we went to N... and R...´s house again to teach another lesson.  This time we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went great.  By the way, their little girl is named Olivia and she is only like a month old.  She´s the only child they have.  They also fed us some Tacos and GUESS WHAT WAS OUT ON THE TABLE.  THEY HAD CHOLULA.  I threw some of that on my tacos and R... told me that next time they go to buy things on the base, she´d pick some up for me.  Woooooooooo!!!!!!

This week I got to talk with L... M... from Murcia and I was so excited to talk to him.  He is really doing well in his conversion and has a calling and everything. He was baptized for the right reasons and I´m so glad I was a part of his conversion process. His testimony is still as strong as ever even though he´s getting a lot of negative pressure from his mom.  His foundation is on Christ, though, and he´s doing well.  If we build our testimonies upon the rock of our Savior, we will never fall! (Helaman 5:12)

Hope you've had a great week back at home!! I love you!

Élder Adamson

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