Monday, March 10, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 3/10/2014

Hello Family!  I don´t have much time to write today, so this letter will be a little shorter, but I´ll throw in all the highlights.

This week we got to go visit the J...´s and they fed us some pot roast and everything.  N... is a return missionary and his wife, R...,  has basically been a member her whole life.  They both work for the military doing different things and they met in Japan, where they got married and are now living here and working at the Air Force base.  We had a great time over at their house and played a few games and everything. This Sunday at church, N... told us he wants us to come over and teach her the missionary lessons, because she knows next to nothing about the doctrine of the church because shortly after her baptism, her whole family inactivated.  They are really great people, and it will be a really special chance for us to teach her. IN ENGLISH TOO.

This week we also had a REALLY weird cita with S....  He told us about how his tattoos are "protecting shields" like the Holy Ghost... Hmmm..  Then he stood up and pulled his shirt up and gave us a 360 turn.  What a sight. ha ha ha  He has a LOT of tattoos.  This week I also got to do an intercambio with Elder Buckway and we had a good time together.  He hooked me up with a bunch of candy he got in a package because mine has long since expired.  We also had a really good Zone meeting about Obedience and Talking with everyone, and we all left pretty inspired to be better missionaries.  My buddy Elder Ordoñez from Murcia is now serving in Sevilla as my Zone Leader so I´m really happy about that.  We all went out to eat at this Bolivian restaurant after the meeting and got stuffed full of food.  We were happy after though.  We have had a bit of a rough go trying to find new investigators this week (No one we have right now is really progressing), but things are looking up for next week.  We´ve got plans to get some good new ones.

Last night, we had a cita with the mother of R... and R....  She used to be a VERY active member of the church, she served a mission, got sealed in the temple and eventually divorced, and since the divorce she has pretty much stopped coming to church.  Her testimony was shaken, she told us, because she had always done the things she was supposed to for all 25 years she had in the church, but things didn´t turn out the way she had hoped.  She said she had always kept the commandments, always been faithful in her callings, got sealed to a worthy return missionary in the temple.  She kept telling us about how she did all the right things, but in the end, things didn´t turn out how she wanted them too.  Can you see her mistake?  Life doesn´t always turn out the way we want it to, and that´s not necessarily a bad thing. We are children of an all-knowing God.  He loves us, and he knows what he wants us to be and where he wants us to go.(Mosiah 4:9) When things don´t turn out the way we hoped we CANNOT lose faith in God.  In these moments, we need to exercise MORE faith and remember that our ways aren´t God´s ways. (Ether 12:6)  He has a plan for each one of us, and we are important to Him.

  • What does the upcoming transfer look like for you?
  • ll almost certainly be staying here in Dos Hermanas because Elder Woodford is going home. We´ll see what happens.
  • Is the food getting better are you just becoming more accustomed to it?
  • We eat a lot less with members here, but I´m definitely a lot more used to eating under-salted things drenched in olive oil.

Have a great week! Lots of love from Sevilla!!

Os quiero muchísimo. (I love you very much)

Élder Adamson

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