Monday, October 13, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 10/13/2014

What´s up??  This week has been great.  I don´t have a ton of things to report on, though.  Here´s the week.

On Friday we had Zone Meeting in Cádiz and on the way to the train station it started pouring rain so Elder Lelegren and I got soaked, but it was fun.  Zone meeting was great.  Elder Allsop and Smith are doing a great job of leading our Zone.

This week has been a good amount of walking but the Lord is definitely blessing us.  We had an intercambio this week with the Zone Leaders and Elder Smith came here to San Fernando with me and it was a great experience.  Elder Smith has been out for about 3 transfers longer than I have and he´s a really great and hard working Elder.  While he was here with me he made a really big impact on me.  He is a prime example of seeing people 2 times in white.  Whenever we´d talk to someone in the street or at their door, on our way out he would make a comment like"Wow, that is a golden family.  They would be great leaders in the church."          He´s got a really good vision and it´s kind of rubbed off on me the last few days.  When we´re in lessons I can just see people a little bit differently and see the potential that they have.  A perk of being a missionary is being able to see people from the Savior´s point of view.  Once you can see people how He sees them, our purpose in doing the work of Salvation becomes a lot more important. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.  This has been the most valuable learning experience   I´ve ever had, and it just keeps getting better.

On our intercambio we got to see Kevin and Vanessa again for the first time in 2 weeks.  We had a super spiritual lesson about the Temple and family history.  We got to talk about marriage with them and while they were in Madrid they checked out what they needed to do to get married and it turns out that Kevin has a previous relationship in Colombia that would have to be undone before they could get married which means     he´d have to go back to Colombia to undo it.  He said that it would take probably about a year for them to get the money to go back, so things are going to have to be put on hold for a while with them, but we´re going to do our best to keep them involved with the ward for the next year so that when the time comes they can get married and be baptized.  They are so golden and it´s a shame they can´t get things taken care of now.  For now they just need to keep reading, praying and coming to church to keep their fire burning.

This next week in the mission we are going to be having another FINDING WEEK!  This time we are going to find 888+ new investigators which is 9+ for every companionship.  The most I´ve ever found in a week is 7 so         we´re going to have to work hard and trust in the Lord, but we´re ready to do it!  This week has been great and it´s starting to rain quite a bit, but I like it. We´ve been doing some singing in the rain. It´s a lot better being soaked with rain than with sweat. ;)

We have divine potential. Our time here is short and Heavenly Father has given it to us so that we have have everything He has.  If we could only see ourselves from the perspective of Christ and Heavenly Father, we would change everything and do our very best.  We would never hide from them and we would always recognize how important they are for us.  As we learn more about our potential, we will see the plan of salvation as a sign of  God´s infinite love for us.

Love, Elder Adamson

A kind member of the ward that Elder Adamson is serving in sent us these pictures.  Elder Adamson and Elder Lelgren were his guests for lunch several times. Elder Adamson thinks he is a great guy.  He served his mission to Spain and is a convert to the church.  We are always grateful for those who take such good care of the missionaries when they are so far away from home. 

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