Monday, October 6, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 10/6/2014


This week has been amazing.  We've been able to hear a lot from the leaders of our mission and of the church this week and we´re really happy about it.  Here are the highlights. 

On Wednesday we woke up early to go catch a train for Sevilla.  We had an amazing Zone conference and we talked a lot about promising blessings to people and President Deere gave an amazing lesson on the Atonement from the Book of Mormon.  We talked a lot about how we are lost and fallen people because of the fall of Adam, but we have hope in Christ.  It was an amazing conference. I´ll talk a little bit more about it later in my letter.

On Thursday we had a special experience and  we got to give a priesthood blessing to a girl that has a mental disorder and was having an attack.  It was all of the sudden and while we were giving the blessing I could really feel the Spirit acting through me.  Sometimes I don´t realize that I hold the priesthood and I forget the huge privilege I have.

Friday was a great day.  We were able to find a new investigator named Jose Juan and he looks pretty good.  His dad talked to us in the street once and gave us his address but we´ve never been able to catch him at home, but his son just turned into a new investigator, so that's great news.

 Later, we went to eat with Jose Gomez and had a good time there.  He´s the one that sent all the pictures. He´s a great guy. 

We also got to meet with a member named Victor and his nonmember wife.  She´s super nice and we´re going to try to get the Relief Society involved with her for some good fellowship.

And of course we LOVED conference this week.  It just gets better as I get older.  I really needed it this time and it answered a few questions I wrote down and some I didn´t know I had.  I´ve seen all but the last hour of the Sunday afternoon session.  So far my favorite talk has been Elder Christoffersen´s talk.  I really needed that.  We need to GO TO WORK so the Lord has something to help us with.  I could talk about a lot more stuff too, but you saw conference, too. ha ha

As far as Kevin and Vanessa go, we haven´t seen them yet, but we have an appointment set up for this weekend, to see how everything went for them and we´re hoping and praying they´re still on fire like they were when they left.

I loved President Deere´s lesson this week. It really helped me understand better. Sometimes we may say to ourselves "maybe I´m not Celestial material" and that´s a really scary thought. We are fallen and lost people, but we have hope in our Savior. When we conquer the natural man and put ourselves in harmony with His will, our failures to live the celestial law can be erased. Christ helps us to overcome the natural man and then take us to a higher plane and makes us saints. He redeems us and makes us into something that we are not capable of being without His divine help.

That´s all for this week!  Love you and have a great week!

¡Hasta la proxima!  (Until next time!)

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