Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 9/29/2014

This has been a good week.  It´s been a little slow for us because most of our investigators have gone on vacation this week, but we´re still looking for some new prepared people.  We know they´re out there somewhere, we've just got to look harder to find them.

Last Monday, we went to Chiclana and played some soccer in the mediodia (midday) heat again and also played a little basketball afterwards.  We got back home pretty sweaty, so we hopped in the shower and headed out for a cita with Kevin and Vanesa.  We talked about the ten commandments.  I know I´ve said it before a lot of times, but they are awesome.  I can hardly believe how well they´re progressing.  After that we had a cita with Pablo and Rosa and it went pretty well, too.

Kevin and Vanesa also told us that while they are in Madrid they are going to check out what they have to do to get married and also stop by the temple so I´m hoping they had time to.  They´re so awesome.  I actually just barely received a message from them saying that they were able to visit the temple! YESSS!!!

On Tuesday, I sent Elder Lelegren off with all the other new missionaries in our zone to go to Fuengirola again so they could do their residency stuff.  While he was gone, Elder Thia and Elder Richardson stayed with me and we had tons of fun.  With them we got to go eat with Vanesa and Kevin and had a super good meal with things from both Colombia and Peru.  SO good. After that we had a great lesson about the word of wisdom which always worries me a little before I teach it, but when you have people who are so willing to follow the commandments it´s not a problem at all.  I shouldn´t have been worried about them at all.  They had a few questions about coffee and tea like most people do, but in the end they committed to live it.  After that we got to visit Guillermo and he´s doing really good and looks like he´s taking the steps he needs to to come back to church.

On Wednesday Elder Lelegren got back here and settled in again and Elders Thia and Richardson picked up their companions and went home as well.

This week has been a little slow but we´re still looking hard to find some more elect people.  We´ve done a good amount of walking this week, but we've got hope and faith to find some new people next week. 

This week we've started to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning as a mission again and I'm loving it.  I love the vision of the tree of life so much.  The pathway to the tree of life was dark. Surely it wouldn't be easy to find your way through the dark unless you cling to the rod.  We must cling to every word that comes from the mouth of the Savior, our Heavenly Father, and of our living prophets and they will lead us straight to exaltation.  In our life on earth, we get a taste of the love felt there, and we have to remember it and not be ashamed of it.  The pathway may be difficult, but our faith will help us cling tightly to the iron rod.

Not too much else to report this week.  I hope you are doing well!  Thanks for all the pictures.  

Have a great week!  Love you!

Elder Adamson

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