Monday, September 22, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 9/22/2014

Hello Everybody!  I´ve got my new companion here with me in San Fernando and he´s doing great.  We´ve had an amazing and really spiritually full week.  The mission is the best thing ever.

Last Tuesday, I headed out to Málaga to pick up my new companion, Elder Lelegren.  We had a great meeting with President Deere and it was so awesome to be able to see these new missionaries coming in feeling all of the same things that I was feeling about a year ago when I came into the field.  They all looked so excited and ready to serve.  When President announced that my companion was going to be Elder Lelegren I ran down and gave him a huge hug and then we took the map picture.  Elder Lelegren is awesome and he´s doing really well.  He´s from Sandy and he just graduated this year, so he´s just like I was when I came into the mission.  He was also on student council at Alta so it´s very possible that I met him before at a luncheon with Alta or something.  So far he´s doing really well with his Spanish and he´s surprised me at how well he can understand people here in San Fernando.  The province of Cádiz is infamous among missionaries because people talk here with a really weird accent and a lot of them are really hard to understand, but Elder Lelegren is doing great so far.  Tuesday was a pretty long day of traveling for both of us, and we finally got back home to San Fernando and met up with Elder Buttars at about 9:20, took his bags back to the apartment, and then got out to work at 9:45 (we have to be home between 10:15-10:45).  We hit the street and went straight to some potential investigators Elder Buttars and I contacted like 2 whole months ago and hadn´t been able to get a hold of.  We rang their doorbell and they let us right in and we found 2 new investigators there, and Elder Lelegren challenged them to be baptized--in the first 30 minutes of proselyting time in the field.  WHAT A MAQUÍNA! Already seeing miracles. What a great way to start off our 12 weeks together. After that, we hurried home and planned and got to be super tired.

Wednesday morning we had to go drop Elder Buttars off at the train station which was pretty hard.  Elder Buttars was a great companion and we worked really hard together and I´ve learned a ton with him.          We´ve made some awesome memories together though, and I´ll always remember them.

This week we also got to visit with Kevin and Vanesa again.  They are so amazing.  They´re doing perfect on keeping commitments and they really search the scriptures we leave them and talk about them together.  This week we talked a little about the law of chastity because they have to get married and they´re definitely willing to but it´s going to be a bit of a process because they are from two different countries living in a county that isn´t their own, so they´re going to try and check stuff out regarding marriage but they really have pure desires and are really humble people.  It´s so great to see people dig into the scriptures like that.

This weekend was Stake Conference for our stake and it was SO GOOD. The meetings were some of the most spiritual ones I´ve ever been in. Right after I gave my talk in Priesthood meeting, President Morales gave an amazing talk about missionary work and making sacrifices.  His talks were so inspired and so full of the Spirit.  On Sunday he talked about the mercy of Christ for us and how there is nothing that can separate us from the love of Christ.  I took some good notes of things that came to mind.

One of the things that impacted me most was when he talked about a missionary that came back home and said that he had lost his testimony.  He didn´t know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet or not, if the church was true or even if God existed.  The most important word in the scriptures is "remember".  "Remember, and perish not".  We must remember our testimonies and do everything we can to keep them lit brightly, and we must also remember that the mercy of our Savior is infinite.  Christ understands that sometimes we stray, and we mess up, but there is always a way back through His mercy. He is more merciful than we know and something that President Morales said that really hit me was that when we appear before Christ on the day of our final judgement day, we will all be surprised at how merciful He is with us.  I testify of the mercy of Christ.              know it´s real because I have felt it.  It is available to all of us and he is constantly offering.  The voice of the good shepherd has, does, and always will be calling us.  We just have to listen and follow Him.

Thanks for the pictures and everything!  Have a great week!

Love you!

Elder Adamson

I also forgot to tell you that I got to see Helton, Vitor and Breno while I passed through Dos Hermanas on the way home from picking up Elder Lelegren.  Here´s a picture of them.

Another added bonus for Elder Adamson this week was to see his friend
Elder Dallin Farrell. 

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