Monday, October 27, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 10/27/2014

Hello everyone! We had a great finding week this week and we got the goal!!  Our goal was to find 888 new investigators and we found a total of 897.  Elder Lelegren and I were able to find 6 of those.  Here´s the week.

Last Monday, we went to Cádiz for P day and we visited the cathedral there.  It was pretty cool.  Not quite as cool as the one in Sevilla.  I think once you´ve seen one cathedral you´ve kind of seen them all, but it was still cool. We also got to go out to a the Castle of San Sabastian which was also pretty cool.  Cádiz is super awesome.

On Tuesday we found our first new investigator of the week.  His name is César and it´s been a while since missionaries have taught him.  We had a good lesson 0 with him and we´ll be going back to see him tonight.  He told us he believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God so there´s a good start.

On Wednesday, we passed by a few people we wanted to start teaching this week including a family that lives below one of our members.  The parents are named Geli and Jesús.  We have knocked on their door for a LOONG time without being about to get in, but this time they let us in and we had a super good lesson with them.  They are really receptive (mostly Jesús) and it was a huge miracle for us.  We´re hoping to be able to teach the whole family this week.  They have two daughters as well.

Thursday was a really good day as well.  We were able to catch David and Angela (new investigators. from last week) at home in the afternoon and had a short little lesson talking about the chapter we left them to read and it was really short and sweet.  They´re doing well and doing a good job at keeping commitments.  After them we had a cita with a Lady that Elder Lelegren contacted on the street a few days before named Alicia.  Turns out she´s a coworker of one of the members in our ward and is pretty familiar with the church.  She was receiving visits from a sister missionary back in 1995 and made really good friends with her but was never baptized.  We´re going to start trying to involve her with the ward and see how things go.  She´s really nice and accepted the commitments we left with no problems at all.  We´re excited to keep working with her.

Saturday was AWESOME.  By that day, we were really scraping the bottom of the bowl to find new investigators and we weren´t really sure what to do, but we had made some good plans for the day.  After we had correlation with Joaquin, we stopped to talk to a guy on the street and he asked us what our message was, so we took ten minutes to go sit down with him and tell him what our message was and we got a new appointment with him for next week.  After that, there was a former investigator that I was pretty sure I had passed by before, but we decided to go try it anyway.  We ended up going and finding a really nice lady named Fátima.  It´s been a LONG time since the missionaries have talked to her but she let us right in and she knows lots of members in the ward.  She told us that every night, she does a catholic prayer, and then a "mormon prayer".  I´m excited about all these new people.  The Lord has really blessed us this week.  

On Sunday, we brought Angela to church with us and it was great.  There were a few members that recognized her because they remember seeing each other a long time ago in Cádiz.  I think she really enjoyed the meetings and it´s always a good sign when an investigator comes to church. :)

The Lord has really provided the way for us this week.  Only about 2 of the people we found this week were on the list of people we were expecting to find and the others just came.

A few times this week, I couldn't help but think about how blessed I really am.  I know the true gospel, I have a great loving family, I´m able to feel of God´s love often as I read the scriptures and pray,  I know that we will continue on after death.  It´s all thanks to Christ.  I cannot deny that I know that He lives.  I have felt it so many times and I know that He lived and died for me.  All of the blessings that I could ever receive wouldn't mean anything if it weren´t for the miracle of the Atonement.  Our Redeemer broke the chains of death and hell for us, so that we might be eternally happy.  I know that He lives and loves each and every one of us more than we can understand.

Love you and miss you!

Have a great week.

Con Cariño, (With Love)
Elder Adamson

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