Monday, February 16, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 2/16/2015

Hello family and friends!

We´ve had a good week with quite a few surprises and ups and downs.  Things are going well here in Granada and the weather has been a lot nicer this week.

So we´ve been visiting Juani about every other day this week.  He´s doing really well and if all goes well he should be getting baptized either this weekend or next weekend.  We had a little complication with him this week with a commandment but we talked about it last night and he´s still as golden as ever.  Conchi is also doing really well.

This week we´ve been looking for menos activos all over the province of Granada because we haven´t really been focused on finding through them so far.  We found a less active named Charo who lives in a pueblo close to the mountains.  She teaching horse-riding lessons and has a big ranch and has like her own little zoo complete with iguanas and a monkey,  We had a nice little chat with her. It has been a long long time since she has come to church and now her main work day is Sunday so it´s gonna be a big sacrifice for her to come back but she knows the church is true and she wants to have an eternal family so we´re hoping she´ll realize how much she needs the gospel soon.  

We started to teach one of the Hermana's investigators named Yasmín.  She is 12 years old and from Brazil and things are looking good with her.  We had a good lesson with her this week and she came to church with a member.  I was going to try and show off a little of my Portuguese skills from Dos Hermanas but then I realized I have a vocabulary of like 20 words...ha ha

This week I got my papers that tell me that I´m going home soon...  Wieeeeeerd.  It basically just said to get everything ready for when I go home and to let the mission know if there are any change of plans.  

Dad, this is how a P-day usually goes
We wake up, do all the normal routine and study and then we leave the piso at 10:30 then I usually come here to the cyber cafe to write home, and then we go do something fun.  Today for example I think we are going to go to the Sierra to play in the snow.  After we finish what ever we do that day, we go and buy groceries and then wash the car and then go out to work at 6:30 until 9:45.


Hilda hasn´t been able to come to church since that first time just because she doesn´t have a way to get here.  She lives really far from Granada capital but she´s still praying and reading at home and everything.

That's how the weeks gone.  I got the package this week mom and dad!  I´ve had a bit of a cold this week so I've been saving the food for when I can actually taste it but it looks super good.  Thanks so much.  The balloon heart things were pretty cool, by the way. :)

I love you so so so so much and hope you have a great week!

Elder Adamson

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