Monday, March 2, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 3/2/2015

Another great week in Granada! Here's the highlights

Last week we were able to meet with the boyfriend and a girl is coming back to church with her dad and two younger sisters who were baptized last week.  His name is Adrián and he's 22 years old.  We had a couple really good lessons with him this week and we set a baptismal date with him for the 28 of March in the first lesson.  He has already come to church like 3 or 4 times and he is really interested in learning more about the Church.

We also had an activity this week where we played a little futbol and basketball with some non members and we invited Adrián and some Mak.  They both came and we had lots of fun.  I was pretty rusty playing basketball.. ha ha

This week we traveled to Almería to do a baptismal interview.  It was a pretty long drive, but it was worth it.  It´s about 2 hours away from Granada.  That same day, we came back to Granada and had our interviews with President and they were great.

This week we found out about the transfers in the zone.  On Friday night we got a call from President Deere.  My companion, Elder Metcalf has been assigned to be the new assistant to the president.  We found out on Friday and he left Sunday afternoon so he got out of here pretty quick without much time to say goodbye.  Elder Metcalf has done some great work here in Granada and he´s been an amazing companion.  I´ve learned lots with him and he´ll be a great assistant.  Right now I´m with the other two Elders here in Granada, Elder Pomazón and Elder Quinn until Wednesday when my new companion gets here.  His name is Elder Christiansen and he´s coming from Alicante.  He has been in the mission for a transfer less that I have and I replaced him when he left San Fernando.  I don´t really know him, but I´ve heard some great things about him.

That's about all the highlights for this week.  The mission is going great.  Sometimes these little changes get me out of my comfort zone, but that´s really what I need. The things that I've learned on the mission are priceless.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie the other day and there is a part in Joseph Smith History when he says "I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it".  I can say the same thing about my testimony of Christ.  I know He lives and I will never, nor will I ever be able to deny it.  The Spirit has engraven that in me, and the same thing is available to every humble seeker of truth.

Hope you´re all having a great week!  Love you!

Elder Adamson
A gift from another Elder

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