Monday, March 23, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 3/23/2015

Hello Everyone!

 Spring time is here and it's finally warming up here in Granada. 

This has been another week of traveling and tomorrow we´re going to Málaga for a Zone Conference. Other than traveling to Jaén this has been a pretty normal week. 

I got to do another intercambio with Elder Buttars and we traveled to Jaén and back so I could pick him up and drop off Elder Christiansen.  I had a great time with Elder Buttars.  We had a really good intercambio and it was fun to get to catch up with him again. 

We've been working with a few Nigerians this week named Joel, Sunny, and James. We've kind of lost contact with Joel and Sunny which is sad because they had baptismal dates, but James is still going really well.  He came to church on Sunday for the first time so we were very happy about that.  He´s struggling with some family problems right now and I hope we can help him out with the gospel. 

Adrián is still doing very well and we´re hoping that he´ll get baptized this weekend.  We´re still not positive if it will be this weekend or not because he still has a problem with one of the commandments, but he knows what he needs to do.  We did a fast with him this weekend so that he could receive an answer from God that his decision to be baptized was right and so that he would be able to feel the truthfulness of how the commandments bless us.  We´re going to call him this afternoon to do a little follow up to see how things went.  We´re praying for him.

This week we received a referral from the bishop of a family who lives out in a pueblo called Dúrcal that's about 20 minutes away.  I´m not sure how he got in contact with them but we went out to meet them and they were really nice people.  They belong the the New Apostolic Church which I had never heard of before and they are VERY believing.  We didn't get to talk with them for too long but they are great people with a lot of problems and trials.  We hope to meet with them again this week. 

Things are going well here in the zone.  Elder Christiansen and I got off to a bit of a slow start because we are trying to adjust the area a little bit because there will most likely be changes coming soon here in Granada.  Things are starting to pick up a little more here, though. 

That's about it for the week.  Hope things are going well back at home! I love you! 

Elder Adamson 

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