Monday, March 16, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 3/16/2015

Hello everyone!  This has been a great week.  We just got back from the Alhambra.  We went for P-day today and it was soooooo awesome. I´ll send some pictures home of it.  It´s one of the most incredible things   I've ever seen.  It´s got tons of really cool history and the art inside of it is unbelievable.  It´s all so intricate.  

This week we started off with a really good Concilio in Málaga.  It´s always nice to get to see all of my good friends from the mission there.  While we were talking about what the mission needed we decided that we need to help the mission to focus on finding new investigators more and hitting the standards of excellence, so we challenged all the companionships in the mission to hit the standard of 5 new investigators in one week before March ends.  I got to spend a lot of time with Elder Farrell and that was lots of fun.

This week we got to see Adrián at Juani´s house.  He´s doing really well.  He´s had a bit of a hard time with one of the commandments but he knows      it's what he needs to do.  He´s just got to try it out so he knows   it's what´s good for him.  He´s so humble and he listens very well to everything we say to him.  I´m sure   he'll be able to get over this little speed bump.  He´s still excited to be baptized on the 28th.  We´re praying hard for him this week.

This week there was another concert in the church and the city people from Granada came.  We actually got to talk about the Book of Mormon with a few of the people in the choir, so that was cool.  After it was over we had to clean everything up and move the benches back.  Elder Christiansen moved a bench out of the chapel, and it was one of the long ones that goes in the middle section of the chapel.  It was really heavy but we got everything done super fast so we could get home on time.

Things are going really well in our ward.  We´ve got a lot of new members that are doing really well and a lot of less active members who are returning.  On Saturday there was a wedding reception for Miguel and Bea who are a recently reactived less active member and a recent convert.  There´s lots of work to be done here and I love working here.  I´m starting to wonder if I'm going to finish my mission here or if I´ll be sent to somewhere else.  I asked President about it in interviews and he didn´t really know either. We´ll see.

I´m starting to feel my mission getting close to it´s end.  I know that I´ve got a lot more to learn and do before I get home so I´ve decided to give it all to the Lord in these last few months.  I love this work and I love my Savior who has called me to do it.  I will always cherish these experiences that I´m having right now and there is literally no place I´d rather be.

Love and miss you!

Elder Adamson

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