Monday, June 16, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 6/16/2014

¡Hola a todos! (Hi All)
Here´s what I did this week.

Monday was a nice relaxing preparation day.  The Utrera Elders came over in the morning for some good ping pong, and we ordered some kebabs for lunch.  Later that afternoon we went to the big park in Dos Hermanas to play some volleyball with the Elders and Hermanas, and we had a good time, but it was burning hot.  It´s gotten up to like 42 degrees (107 degrees in Fahrenheit).  After that, we went to J... and A...´s house and I let A... cut my hair.  He did a pretty good job, but then Elder Enfield had to shape it up a little more.  After that, we stopped by to see S... and all was normal over there.  He´s doing just about the same as always.

On Tuesday, District Meeting in the morning was a blast.  After we finished with all the lessons and the meeting, we all went to a little sandwich shop and then went back to the capilla to have lunch and eat some ice cream and some no-bake cookie cake that Elder Enfield and I made.  You would be impressed.  After that I went on an intercambio with Elder Chumbipuma to Alcalá and got to spend some time with him and the people they are teaching there.  It was a good time.

On Wednesday morning, I got back to Dos Hermanas and we went to see M... in the afternoon.  We were able to have a lesson with the son of two member parents who looks like he has a lot of potential and he might have just recently broke up with his girlfriend, which was one of the only things holding him back.  That was a great little boost for us and we're going to keep working with him.  Things are going well here.  We're still on the quest for some good progressing investigators but I know that if we just keep working hard they will come.  
After that, we stopped by to see A... and A..., and then went to the Noche de Hogar.  It was huge that night.  We had like thirty people there and had tons of fun.  A member named C... also made some really good lemon chicken sandwiches afterward.

Thursday, we got down to business and had a solid, organized weekly planning.  We went to see J... and A...´s house to see how they were doing and they would not stop talking about the World Cup that´s going on right now.  Right now if there´s an important game on, it´s really hard to find things to do.

Friday, we walked for 3 straight hours without stopping.  We´re going through all the former investigators in our area book to see if we can find some more people through that, but that morning, we had no luck.  In the afternoon we had our correlation meeting with J... and then went off to see the P... family and all was well over there.  

Saturday was awesome.  We had a pretty long morning again, trying to visit some former investigators, but still haven´t gotten in with any of them.  In the afternoon, we got went to the baptism of R... (the man I got to do the interview with last week) and the baptism was amazing.  It´s been a little while since we´ve seen one here and the Spirit was really strong.  He is a truly strong and committed man.  He´s ready to become a disciple of Christ.  Another great addition to the ward of Dos Hermanas.

On Sunday after church, we went to see X... and A... because they weren´t able to come to church because X...´s sister in law just had a baby so they were going over to see it.  After that we stopped by the P... family´s house and we found P... there, so we had a little Noche de Hogar at their house and then headed home.

This has been a good week, and it will probably be my last full week here in Dos Hermanas.  I´ve loved the 6 months I´ve been able to spend here and all the people I´ve met. 

I don´t have any pictures to send this week unfortunately, but we´ll see if I can shoot some off next week.


  • Are you keeping a good journal?  
  • I sure am!  I´ve already made it through 2 of the books I came out with.
  • How are you doing with your laundry?  Are your shirts still WHITE? yes and yes.  Don´t worry.  I buy whitener for my clothes.
  • Have you and Elder Enfield made any good meals lately?  
  • mmmmmmm  We made some stir fry the other day.  Nothing super new though.
Well, that´s all for this week!  Love you!!!!!!!

¡Os quiero muchísimo! ( I love you very much!)

Elder Adamson

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