Monday, June 9, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 6/9/2014


Here´s the week...

Last Monday we had a sweet p day.  We went to a place called Real Alcazar which is an old Moorish Palace that the Spanish people overtook.  It is one of the most amazing things I´ve ever seen.  I´ll attach some pictures, but they might not do it justice.  I highly recommend google image searching it. 

Real Alcazar 

Later that afternoon, we went over to S...´s house and talked with him and B... about the plan of Salvation and for once S...      didn´t try to Bible bash with us. ha ha  It was a pretty good lesson, but the only one we had that day.

Tuesday, we went to see J... and A... for a little while and shared a little message with them, then we headed over to N... and H...'s house and they told us that they had found someone that wants to hear the message of the restored gospel, which was awesome.  They gave us a reference without us even asking, but the the lady lives in Sevilla so we´ll have to pass the reference when we get more information.  But it´s awesome that     they´re already wanting to share the gospel now.

Wednesday, we went to see L... and started to help her with her final English exam.  We´re still trying to teach her, but she´s pretty closed right now.  She refuses to believe in God for right now, but I think that will change soon.  After that we went to the Noche de Hogar at the capilla and had a good time.  We played signs, but there were a few members that weren´t really getting it, so it kind of flopped, but at least we got a good laugh out of it.

Thursday, we had our weekly planning and in the morning, and then that afternoon, we went and saw P..., the P... family and then we headed over to N... and H...'s house and we helped them take out an old mattress to the dumpster after we had a little lesson with them

Friday, we had a really good Zone Meeting in Sevilla and then afterwards went to eat at a Peruvian place.  I ate some Seviche, which is raw fish that is soaked in lemon juice.  It lasted nothing like fish so I was alright with it. After that, we went to or correlation meeting back in Dos Hermanas and I headed off with Elder Favero to Utrera to do a baptismal interview with R..., their investigator.  The interview was awesome and one of the most amazing things I´ve been able to be a part of on my mission.  I loved it.  It was amazing to hear this man´s growing testimony of the gospel. We had a great intercambio.

Saturday, we met pack up with our companions and Elder Enfield and I had a pretty slow day, but we ended with 2 good visits with the P... family and the V... family.  We asked them for referrals and they even offered us cookies and milk after. :)  Goooood deal.

Sunday, was good.  We were sitting in our Gospel Principles class listening to J...´s lesson, and then in the middle of it X... walked in.  X... came to church with all 3 of the kids this week.  THIS WAS A HUGE MIRACLE FOR US.  She´s only been to church 1 other time in the past 5 and a half month, and now she told us, that now that she has started to come again, she can´t stop coming.  That was an answer to our prayers.  The rest of the night, we went to X...'s house to share a quick message since it had been a while since we´d been there, then we went to see a man named J... M... who is still just as atheist and stubborn as when we first met him, but we thought we´d give it another shot with him.  After that we went to N... and H...'s house and they were all dead tired because they had to work that day in the field.  But, they´re happy and still trucking along.

This week I read a quote ( I don´t even remember who it was from or exactly how it went) that talked about how if there was no eternal life, all of the trials and suffering that we pass through in this life on earth would just be catastrophes that we don´t deserve, because a lot of bad things happen to good people.  But, if we look at this life in the perspective of eternity, everything makes sense and we can come to understand why the righteous suffer, and why the world is so full of suffering and what seems to be injustice.  But thankfully, there exists an infinite atonement that covers every sickness, temptation, pain, trial, and sorrow that we could possible have.  We are here for progression.  We are here to BECOME perfect one day, not to live perfect lives, or to never pass through adversity.  If we rely on the Savior, understanding WHY we suffer and how it benefits us, we can make it through this fallen world with bright hope and faith in Christ.

Have a great week!  Love you!

Elder Adamson

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