Monday, August 18, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 8/18/2014

This has been a great week and we´ve had some cool experiences here in San Fernando.    Here´s what happened this week.

This week we had a really great district meeting and we talked about Chapter 10 of preach my gospel and "How to Begin Teaching" or what my mission calls the "Lesson 0", and we also talked a little about diligence and read the scripture in D&C123 that says:

 12 For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it—

 13 Therefore, that we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly manifest from heaven—

 14 These should then be attended to with great earnest.

That is what we have to do.  Like obedience, we aren´t going to be able to be perfect at being diligent in this life, but that doesn´t mean we shouldn´t try. We should be obedient and diligent as the Lord was obedient and diligent. 

 Later on Tuesday we met with Victor again and brought Cristóbal with us to the lesson.  We talked about the 2nd part of the plan of salvation and a lot about temples since we teach lesson 5 before baptism now.  Temples fit right into lesson 2.  The lesson went really well and we brought Victor a baptismal calendar to help prepare him for the 30th and he said "You guys made this as if I agreed to be baptized on the 30th"  Well, yeah that´s what we made it for, because he did accept the date two visits before, but we softened it down a little and told him for now it was just our goal.  Later in the week we talked to Victor and he told us that he´s not going to be able to meet for the next two weeks and he pulled the classic "I´ll call you" card.  That was a pretty rough because he was the only person we´ve seen progress in the past while and he probably won´t be able to be baptized on the 30th with the way things are going now.  We´ll keep working with him though.

I got to do another baptismal interview this week for a girl named Isi (Isabel) that was baptized yesterday.  She is about 23 and was a reference from the Guttenbergers in our ward, but she lives in Cádiz.  The interview was amazing.  Being a missionary, we are representatives of Christ in a lot of ways, but I think being able to do interviews is one of my favorites.  She was really ready to be baptized.  We went to her baptism last night and it was a great service.

Another cool little thing that happened this week is that I was writing a few little emails back and forth with a friend, Hermana Munns who is in the Barcelona mission, from the MTC and she sent me back an email saying that her companions mom lives here in San Fernando, so we did a little investigation work, and we found her and passed her information to the Hermanas in ward 1.  That was a little miracle.

Another little miracle was this dish we ate that a member gave us called "Carne al Toro".  It tastes kind of like Chili but it is just really tender beef in a really good red sauce.  I´m going to try and get the recipe from them. ;)

This week I´ve been studying a lot about being born of God.  Before, I would just think about baptism when I heard it, but now I know it´s SO much more than that.  It has a lot more to do with being CHANGED into NEW CREATURES and CONVERTING ourselves into sons and daughters of God. (Mosiah 27:24-26)  Our baptism is the outward sign of an inward covenant that we are making to be willing to take the name of Christ upon ourselves, keep His commandments, and always remember Him.  If we are faithful to the covenants we make we will be changed, we will receive His image in our countenances, and become like Him, and for that reason, we came to this earth.

Thanks for everything!  ¡Os quiero muchísimo y que Dios os bendiga! (I love you very much and God bless you!)
Elder Adamson

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