Monday, August 4, 2014

Elder Adamson's Letter 8/4/2014

Hello Everyone!  Saludos de San Fernando.  Here´s what I did this week!

Monday was a super low key P day.  We just emailed home, bought groceries and then just hung out in the piso for the rest of the time because we were really tired.  After p-day ended we went to visit Maricarmen Pampara and we´ve been trying to help her remember her testimony, but with not much luck.  Right now she just kind of fights against anything we say, and she´s only willing to believe in a God who doesn´t ask much.  Not very much success there.

Tuesday, we had district meeting in the morning and talked about diligence and obedience and it was a really good meeting.  Later that night we had a little Noche de Hogar with a few members and recent converts and it was a good time.  After that we stopped by a couple members in our ward named Jose Mari and Virginia.  They are bread makers so after we visited them, they sent us home with a loaf of bread that they got fresh out of the oven.  It was SO good.  People here on the Mediterranean really take their bread seriously. Those are the highlights for that day.

Wednesday, we visited one of the recent converts in our area who is named Luis and talked with them about the Plan of Salvation.  He´s really just beginning with his testimony, so he doesn´t know a ton about the gospel, but he´s getting there.          We´re trying to meet with them more lately.  After that, we went to have correlation at Amanda and Joaquin´s house.  After we finished, they had us over for lunch and made us Salmorejo and paella and it was all good.  Then, we had a little extra time after so we made some brownies with them and then headed out to visit a former investigator named Ora.  She is from Nicaragua and    I´m not sure what to think about her.  She seems like she wants to know if God exists, but she´s not really willing to put in the effort to find out for herself.  For her, the beach seems to be a little more important than that.  After that we taught English class and then went to visit another former investigator named Puri.  She´s a really nice lady, and she listens to us, but doesn´t really open herself up to anything we say.  She does have a few kids that might be interested though, so we´re going to try and find them.

Thursday after weekly planning we had a Noche de Hogar with Anxius and her family and afterward, she did her best attempt of making Mexican food with Spanish products.  Didn´t really come out tasting like Mexican food, but it was still good.  After that, we went to go visit a member named Juan Hidalgo.  He has a really nice house that´s in the center of the city and he´s one of the first members from the Cádiz area.  We sat down to talk with him and he  shared some really cool thoughts, which I will talk about later in this letter.  He sent us home with a bowl of arroz con leche that he made with a special family recipe, and it was DIVINE.  I got the recipe. 

Friday, we had a really awesome lesson with a man named Fernando and Puri and brought a member named Juani with us.  We talked about the Restoration and the Spirit was strong in the lesson.  Fernando is a special investigator because he´s actually looking for the truth.  He has real intent which is 100% necessary in gaining a testimony.  We´ve only seen him once, so           we´ll see how things go with him this week.  

Saturday morning was pretty slow until about 12:30 when we got in with an old referral that we were never able to contact.  His name is Victor and he is from Bolivia and has lived here in Spain for about 7 years.  He´s one of only a handful of South Americans I´ve seen here. In the lesson we talked about the Book of Mormon and how Jesus visited the Americas and it really sparked his interest.  Something I need to learn better, and ALL missionaries should do better is focus on the Book of Mormon because it´s the base of a strong testimony of the Savior and the Restoration and it´s what sets us apart from every other church. 

Sunday was a good day.  We got to hear a lot of great testimonies from the members. After church we went to eat with Nikolas and they gave us two HUGE servings and we pretty much rolled home after that. In the  afternoon We  visited a new menos activo named Marisa.  We tried to focus on the Book of Mormon more with her and the lesson went well.  Now she just needs to read.

One of the things that Juan Hidalgo told us that really stuck with me was that when we are confirmed members of the Church we are commanded to "Receive the Holy Ghost", which doesn´t mean that from there on out He´s going to be with us.  We have to actively receive Him in our lives and strive to have Him with us.  If we yearn for His presence and do all we can to tune ourselves in to His promptings, that is how we can truly receive the Holy Ghost.

So I´m for sure staying here in San Fernando this transfer and same for my companion.  Transfer calls came this week and we didn´t get one so we´re staying put.

These are two of Elder Adamson's teachers from the Madrid MTC.  They were married this weekend.

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