Monday, April 27, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 4/27/2015

Hello hello!

This has been an awesome week.  I´m loving Cáceres even more than I did last week.  Here´s the week.

This week we have been meeting a lot with our investigators.  They are a mother and a son and they are golden.  P. has already been taught everything she needs to know and we´re teaching S. the lessons right now.  We had a really good lesson with them about the plan of salvation and after a long talk about baptism, we set a fecha with them for the 9th of May.  We´re praying hard for them.

We also set a baptismal date with an investigator from Honduras.  She was a referral from our ward mission leader.  She also has a date for the 9th of May and the only thing in her way right now is that she needs to stop drinking coffee, so we made a little calendar for her to help.

This weekend we had an activity with the branch and we watched Meet the Mormons.  All the members loved it.  We got S. to come and he really liked the movie too.  We´re planning on showing it again so that the members can bring all their friends to see it with them.
Meet the Mormons
This Sunday, we had 28 people at church.  Our goal for this transfer is to break 32 but it´s been harder than it seems.  A member gave a talk this week about faith.  It was her first time ever speaking in church.  She is a pretty recent convert from a about 2 years ago who got baptized and then had to move out to a pueblo for work and has just recently moved back to Cáceres.  She is so sweet and humble and she bore a very simple but powerful testimony of the Savior. We could tell she was a little nervous but when she testified I felt the Spirit very strongly.

The work is moving along here and I´m loving it.  I never thought that I´d love working in a small branch like this, but it´s awesome.  Elder González has been here for one transfer already and he goes home next transfer.
No, there aren´t any other missionaries here besides the Redds.

Things are going great and I hope things are going well back at home!  Love you and have a great week!

Elder Adamson

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