Thursday, August 22, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 8/22/2013

Elder Sorensen and Elder Adamson 

This has been an absolutely great week!  I hope everything´s gone well at home!  Here´s the summary.
Thursday we went to El Prado which was cool, but I mostly just learned that I´m not really an art guy. They have lots of pretty famous stuff there I guess and a lot was cool, but after an hour I was burned out from seeing so million ladies in poofy dresses and naked statues.  Later that night we watched the Provo devotional from Elder Scott and it was soooo good.  All the devotionals they show us here are so inspired.  My favorite part was when he said something like"Be thankful God lets you struggle.  Character grows and faith increases".
Friday was an average day.  I laughed a lot at Hermano Del Molino.  I decided that if I were a Spaniard, I would be him.  He´s my kind of guy.  I repaired some Elders´pants this week (3 pairs).  Aren´t you proud mom?  Sport sewing class is really coming into use.  I sewed on a button, and fixed two seams in the pants.  Pride level: HIGH.
Saturday was a super good day.  My companion at the park was Elder Rasmussen, one of the other Malaga Elders, and we had a great day.  Started off pretty normal and got shewed away but we saw a lady that looked like she wouldn´t run away so we went over to talk to her.    At first I thought she  wasn´t interested at all but the more we talked the more interested she seemed to be.  We basically gave her the first lesson and she told us that she felt confused like Joseph Smith about which church was the right one.  I was able to recite the First Vision from memory and it was so awesome.  One of my most spiritual experiences yet even though it was a little loud around us.  She was really interested so we gave her the info to get to the church, gave her a Libro de Mormón and 2 pamphlets.  We also got her info so the Madrid Elders could contact her.  Her name was Pepa Cerra.  I hope something comes of that! After we finished talking to her we almost skipped our way around the park because we were so PUMPED, but we calmed down and said a prayer of gratitude that we got to talk to someone who was so prepared. After that we talked to a lady who was there just to tell us that the Bible was the only word of God and basically that we preach about José Smith and the Bible teaches about Jesucristo. There was definitely a spirit of contention there and we didn´t know how to defend ourselves anyway, so we just got out of there.  I bore testimony before we went thought and just told her " Dios vive y yo sé que nos ama.  Gracias por su tiempo y buenos días." (God lives and I know that he loves us. Thank you for your time and good morning)  After that we talked to a Catholic priest that was really excited to see us and told us he was glad we were here.  Really friendly man.  We got both ends of the spectrum that day but still an awesome day. 
Sunday was amazing too.  I had to give a talk on Sunday in Spanish so that was an adventure.  I did my best though.  I talked about arrepentimiento (repentance).  The Zimmermans also gave a really good devotional at night.  When we sang outside the temple our district got to have a little special song and we sang ¨"Señor, Te Necesito".  We´re probably going to be touring soon ;)
Monday was Elder Adams birthday and we got him some more goodies and stuff like the others.
Tuesday I was feeling super confident in my Spanish and then on Wednesday we had the natives move into our room.  Then I realized that I know now spanish jaja.  One is from Peru and one from Guatemala. I learned I can make them laugh though when I say "No sé Español" (I do not know Spanish) and "Soy estupido" (I'm stupid).  They´re super nice and friendly though.  I just spent the night listening to them talk because I want to learn from them.  One is 26 and the other is 18.  Not sure of their names yet. Nice Elders though.
I actually forgot to tell you that we got new leaders.  Elder Allsop and Brownell from our district are the new Zone Leaders.  Elder Bird is the new District leader and he´s a really cool guy.  Only active member in his family but he has a super bright testimony.  The milk here is boxed and not very good, but it does the job for cereal.
Gotta head now but I love you SO MUCH and thanks for all the support!
Elder Adamson


Just to answer  more questions, I love my district because we´re like a little family.  We all take care of each other and we get along really well.  Elder Sorensen and I get along really well and I love that we´re both on the same level of Spanish together because we learn pretty well together.  I haven´t really loved anything I've been eating here so far, but there´s always these little loafs of bread that are pretty solid. But I always try everything at least.  I can stomach most of the fish now, but one day we had this soup that literally just tasted like liquid fish with no other flavoring. I thought it was gonna be like chicken broth or something nice and salty.  Couldn´t do that one.  They don´t use a lot of seasoning here so we like to keep a salt and pepper shaker handy. 

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