Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 8/15/2013

Bernabeu Stadium  where Real Madrid plays!!

This has been another great week for me and I can´t believe i´m already half way done with my time here in the CCM.  Crazy BIZ.  Anyway this is how my week went.

Thursday we went to Bernabéu Stadium where Real Madrid plays which was super awesome.  We got to tour pretty much the whole stadium and see the locker room, press room, the trophies... THE WORKS.  Pretty cool to say i´ve been in the stadium of one of the world´s biggest teams.  Later that night our devotional was with Elder Bednar about recognizing the Spirit and it was really a good one for us to hear as missionaries.  We don´t need to worry about whether or not the Spirit is prompting us, just be good missionaries and the Spirit will guide our steps.  We had another really awesome district meeting afterwards and we talked about D&C 84:88.  That scripture is such a good motivater for me and i feel the Spirit so stongly when i read it.  Check it out.

Friday was pretty normal but we did a lot of singing as a district.  Our district is so dang good at singing.  Every time we find a hymn that we recognize in spanish, we sing the heck out of it in a four part harmony.  I wish you could hear just our district sing together.  Tears would fall.  Promise.  Also that day, Elder Del Molino was being funny and talking in an english accent.  He doesn´t speak very much english so when he does try any it´s hilarious when he tries to talk like is.

Saturday my companion was Elder Wilson at the park.  He´s from Logan and he´s really nice, but unfortunately we didnt have any luck at the park or on the metro this week.  We didn´t get past Buenos Dias with most people, but there was a little Argentine lady who talked with us for a while and told us that she respected us for doing what we were doing, but she didn´t really want to hear our message because she had her own Catholic beliefs.  There are a lot of people like that here.  People come back from the park with stories like that every week.  We started on lessons with our new pretend investigators and we´re doing a lot better this time around.  Hermano Merchán hid a camera in our lesson and showed it to the class so we could learn from our mistakes.  Really good learning tool, though.  Afterwards we got to just sit outside the temple and read and ponder.  I read Alma 26 because it´s one of my favorites and it got me more excited about getting out in the field.

Sunday, we got to hear from Hermano Cerrano and Hermana Torres.  They had super cool stories about their conversions and Hermana was baptized after 4 days of talking with the missionaries.  Hermano Cerrano however took 5 years to get baptized.  They´re now married (they don´t change names when they marry here) and they are both spiritual giants.  They told us that there are prepared people everywhere for us to find.

Monday Hermano Texiera, the Area President came to speak with us and he was a very nice and fun guy.  After him and his wife spoke to us we were all just super pumped to get out in the field.   I don't remember all he said, but he was a very good speaker.

Tuesday I got to role play teach with Hermano Del Molina.  We taught the Hermanas and it was cool to teach with someone who is fluent in spanish and actually knows what a mission is like.  I felt so awesome while teaching with him because he knew just what to say and just how to say it.  Can´t wait to be that experienced.

Wednesday was Hermano Merchán´s Birthday so we bought him some treats and stuff. He´s only 22 and pretty fresh off his mission, which makes him really easy to relate too and he´s always willing to give us some personal advice.  No much else besides that one Wednesday.

Today, we got to go to the temple again and after the session one of the sister workers gave us a tour of the other parts.  We got to check out the sealing rooms and the baptistry as well.  The Madrid temple is so beautiful on the inside.  You would love it.  She explained some things and talked about a little of the symbolism they have there.  Later today we´re going to El Prado which is guess is like the second biggest art musuem in Europe, so that will be cool.  Not sure what to extpect because everything we hear is kind of just word of mouth through the teachers, but i´m excited!

Right now there are about 90 missionaries here but next week we get like 16 natives so it´s gonna be packed.  i´m just hoping i dont get sent to the hotel.  We get to leave campus avery day for excercise time down to la cancha which is a soccer park.  i can talk with some natives now, but not very well.  once they realize i´m american they slow down and use smaller words... haha.  The best way to contact me other that email is mail for sure.  I have more time to write back with snail mail.  I have talked with Pres about highland a little bit, but not a ton.  He always gives me little shout outs here and there and refers to me as his neighbor.  All the new places i´ve been are pretty much on P days.

Well, that´s it for today.  Dad thanks for putting all your questions together.  That helped lots.
I´m doing really well here and getting a little more spanish in my noggin everyday

I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU.  Hope everything is going well.

Elder Adamson

We are sharing these pictures thanks to Elder Adamson's companion Elder Sorenson.  Ben's picture didn't download this week.  We're grateful his mom shared them with us.  

This is what Elder Adamson sees when he looks out at night from his room at the CCM.  What a blessing!!

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