Saturday, August 3, 2013

First Week at the CCM (MTC)

im finally getting time to write a decent letter, but i only have 30 minutes to write and i still dont really have this keyboard figured out.  But I have love the MTC so far.  Elder Sorensen is actually from Alpine and he went to UCAS at UVU. He´s really a great guy and we get along really well.  So far we´ve taught really well together.  he just told me that you met his parents at the temple? There are so many connections out here once you start talking to people about things.  on our way to Spain, i´m not sure how many missionaires there were, but there had to be at least like 40 or 50.  It was so much fun because we were all pumped to get here, even though we had an eternal flight. 
I´m just starting to really get settled in here and I love my distict!  I was made district leader and we all get along so well.  The other Elders are Elder Allsop from Bountiful, Elder Brownell from Washington, Elder Bird and Elder Adams from somewhere in Utah...The Hermanas are Hermana Rowle and Hermana Munns, both from the Provo area.  Like I said, we all get along really well.
Our days in the CCM (that´s what it´s called here) really feel long but i´m understanding a lot more spanish as the days go on.  I´ve been teaching investigators which is pretty tough, but our last lesson with Santiago felt really good and i feel like i´m really starting to learn how to meet investigators needs while teaching a lesson.  Being a missionary isn´t as glamorous as you would think, and it´s definitely hard, but i love it and i know it´s gonna be woth it.  Also, as a side note, Elder Dallin Farrell is our zone leader and I see him probably a couple times every few hours.  It´s so much fun to see him around and no one can believe that we were best goons back at home.  He´s doing really well.
As for the food, it is INSANE.  Every day no one knows what we´re eating but we just eat it anyway.  A few things that i´ve head through the grape vine are that we´ve eaten shark, swordfish, and squid.  Squid is so crazy weird.  it was fried and it literally tasted just like a mozzerella stick, but a little chewier.  On the other hand, there are a lot of tasty things here too.  This morning we had some sort of really advanced toaster strudell and i was in heaven.
Today is our first P day and we get to go to the Temple every morning on P days.  The Madrid temple is absolutely beautiful and it´s unbelievably white.  The temple really helps to keep me encouraged and keep me going even though the work is tough.
The weeks fly by here and i can´t believe it´s already been a week!  President Sitterud is an awesome guy and he really has been looking out for me and snapping some pictures periodically while Elder Sorensen and i are teaching our investigators and what not.  I also met Hermano Zimmerman on Sunday night after we sang outside the temple.  That was a really cool experience.  We got to sing while the Madrid missionionaries who are already in the field contacted people that were walking by.  That was probably one of my favorite parts so far.  The day before we went proselyting in a park in Madrid and Elder Sorensen and I were able to get some contact information from a girl there to give to the missionaries in her area.  We spoke to her in spanish, but luckily she knew some english too so we could communicate better.  Most everyone here knows at least a little basic English.
Sorry this is so unorganized.  At exercise time we get to go to La Cancha which is a little soccer court about 2 blocks away and we love playing even though we´re all a perfect example of terrible americans.  Lots of white boys running around kicking a ball in every which way wearing running shoes and name tags.
Last night we moved rooms ar 10:15 right before we were supposed to go to bed because we had some new hermanas come in.  A bit of a hassle, but at least I still have a bed.  They have to pack us in like 8 to 10 people per room because we have so many of us.
Anyway, they´re about to kick us out of here for the next group to stampede into the lab.
But, I love you guys and miss you!  if you want to know anything more about how things are working here, just ask and i´ll try to answer your questions.
Elder Adamson

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