Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 8/8/2013

  here´s the play by play of the significant points of my week.
So on Thursday we went to Sol which is the very center of Madrid and Spain too i think.  There were so many cool buildings there and i loved seeing the arcitecture.  I got some good pictures too, but i wont send them home yet because it takes a long time to upload.  There were also a TON of gypsies begging the heck out of us for money and they were relentless!.  Crazy big city and lots of weird magicians and street performers and stuff.  We also visited the plaza mayor which was awesome too.  You should check it out on google or something.  We also bought some ice cream since it was about 129038208957394 degrees that day.  Later that night we watched a devotional from Elder Holland and it was really awesome.  It was from this january and he was super bold and said that we need to convert ourselves before we can convert anyone else.  He also told us about how Preach my Gospel was made and how it was going to be called Preach my Gospel With the Spirit, but it was too long.  We had a really powerful district meeting afterwards.
On Saturday, we went to the park to talk to people again and my companion was Elder Hansen who also went to Lone Peak.  We were pretty put out because we didn´t really get a chance to talk to people because pretty much everyone just shooed us away before we got the chance.  After, on the metro home i prayed that we´d be able to find someone to teach, and not a minute later a lady came and sat across from us.  We had some good conversation and she said our spanish was very good.  I told her we were missionaries and i gave her a passalong card with the Madrid Temple on it and she thought it was beautiful.  The Lord really answered my prayer quickly that time!
On Sunday we had a super good devotional with the Lopez family and they told us there conversion stories that were INCREDIBLE.  Sister Lopez told us to be persistent and to never forget that we need to be bold because she was a hard one to convert, but because of the missionaries, she was able to feel the spirit very strongly and eventually be baptized.  Brother Lopez is now like the area contractor or something (probably the wrong term), and he picked the plot for the Madrid temple.  I love hearing peoples conversion stories and talking to members here in Spain because they have such strong testimonies and it reminds me that not everyone here is stiffnecked and prideful.  We got to sing outside the temple again on Sunday which is one of the highlights of the week for me.
Monday was Elder Allsops b day so we all pitched in in the district to buy him some scripture covers.  I also bought some spanish scriptures here because i figured i probably wouldn´t come across another distribution center after the MTC.
Tuesday was a bit discouraging because i was just having a hard time with the Language.  My Maestra, Hermana Garcia was making no sense and i couldnt understand a word coming out of her mouth, it seemed like.  You just have to pull throught those days... haha.  i decided i need to focus on the BOM and studying the language because i don´t know how to say everything i want to communicate in my testimony with investigators.  We got to sing for the EFY kids here and they looked like they loved it.  It was cool to see some of them singing with us and a few crying.  I can just see the power of the members here and i hope every one of those kids goes on a mission.
Wednesday was a super awesome day.  Elder Sorensen and I got both of our investigators to commit to baptism so we were on cloud 9 and super pumped.  Not sure if they were just going easy on us because we´re still newbies, or if we really were convincing...haha.  I was feeling the Spirit a lot while we were teaching Santiago and I hope someday i´ll find a real investigator someday who´s as prepared as he is.   We were really focused while we taught and it was by far our best lesson yet.
Today we get to go to the REAL MADRID stadium, so were all pretty hyped up about that.  I´ll report next week.
To answer soem questions,  The district is doing GREAT.  Now there are 8 of us in our room, but the missionaries that got moved to the Hotel also use our room during the day, so we´ve got like 12 peoples stuff in there sometimes.  We haven´t seen a Provo devotional yet, just reruns from the apostles so far.  Laudry is going well, mom!  Elder Sorensen knows how to do it and i think i´m pretty independent in that aspect of my life now.  For that reason i know we really have an inspired companionship... haha  The best thing we´ve eaten here has probably been the chicken.  The cook that really well, but they still like to slide fish in to some regular looking food.  BUT I WILL ENDURE.
Love you guys so much and i hope everthing is going well at home.
keep the questions coming!

Elder Ben Adamson and Elder Dana Sorensen

Together Again ... Elder Adamson and Elder Farrell

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