Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 8/29/2013

Elder Farrell and Elder Adamson
¿Qué tal, familia?

This has been a super great week and I´m excited to tell you all about it.  We´ve only got a few days left here and I´ll be out in the field like the REAL missionaries!! Here´s the week for ya!

Thursday we didn´t have an excursion so me and a few others from my district went to Alcampo which is like a Walmart type deal I guess.  We just went and got a few things like note books and pens. Nothing too exciting about that.  The highlight of that day was when we watched ¨the Character of Christ¨devotional with Elder Bednar which is pretty famous among missionaries.  It was so incredible.  Probably the most inspirational talk I´ve ever seen.  Really makes me want to change more to be like the Savior.  His talk was all about turning outward when the natural man turns inward.  It was really touching and if you get a chance to see it while you´re in Provo, WATCH IT.  I was teary eyed pretty much the entire time and I´ve been thinking about it pretty much every day this week.

Friday morning I was reading through Moroni 7 and it applies so well to Elder Bednars talk.  It´s all about Charity and becoming like the Savior and I think it might have just bumped its way into my top 3 favorite chapters.  Also on Friday, we were surprised with TONS of Domino´s pizza in celebration of the Sitterud´s anniversary.  I have been craving something like that since we got hear and we all feasted.  A lot of us Elders put our hands over our hearts and recited the pledge of allegiance in honor of the pizza.  Later that night I just kind of listened to Elder Pamazón (Peru) and Elder Guarcax (Guatemala) talk because I feel like I learn a lot of Spanish from them.  They´re really awesome Elders and they both have very strong testimonies.  Very fun to have them in our room.  Also, Elder Pamazón is a really big fan of the Backstreet Boys, so we have some common ground in that way.. jaja.

SATURDAY WAS SO GOOD!  My companion for the park was Elder Gentry (From Orange County California) and it was an amazing time.  We got two referrals on the metro on the way to the park and missed our stop twice in the process.  So worth it though.  We almost wanted to just ride the metro back and forth all day because the people can´t run away and they haven´t been bombarded with other companionships.  We also talked to some super nice people in the park and not a single really rude person, which is quite a rarity.  On the metro home we talked to another family and got another referral.  Missed our stop once more and were late for lunch, but still worth it.  3 BOMS placed and · referrals total.  GREAT DAY.  After actividad física (physical activity) Elder Allsop and I belted the Start Spangled Banner at the top of our lungs while we were showering.  We were the only ones in the baño (bath), but it was so funny.  Between taking breaths and laughing it was an all around good time.

On Sunday Me, Elder Brownell and Hermanas Munns and Rawle got to sing ¨Lord I would Follow Thee¨ for the devotional and it was so much fun.  We sang a four part harmony and people told us that they loved it.  We sing every chance we get in Alma district.  Later we watched an old talk from Elder Holland called ¨Don´t Go Home¨ or something to that effect.  SO bold and so powerful.  My favorite part of it was when he said "Missions have to be hard because then you can truly be a representative of Christ and experience a few seconds of Gethsemane".  That was a really cool thought and it´s been on my mind a lot this week as well.

Monday, not much interesting happened but Elder Sorensen and I have been teaching about commandments and stuff which I love because we actually get to see a little bit of what it´s like to help the people change their lives for the Lord.  I love teaching about the blessings of following the commandments.  I also finished the BOM for the 2 time since October so that was cool.  I´m trying to read  like at least 1 or 2 chapters in Spanish every day and I´m actually understanding a ton of it now.  Very satisfying to read in my mission language.

Yesterday I was just thinking about how weird it is that a week from now I´ll be in my mission area with my companion.  I still can´t even believe it.  Time has been flying and I love the CCM but I´m ready to move on now.  Pretty nervous too though.

Dad, I´m trying to keep my room clean but the Hotel elders kind of come in and trash it every day, so     I´ll get back to you on that in the field. Sorry I'm out of time now, but I love you! Have a great week. 

Les quiero y estoy animado para ir al campo blanco.
(I love you and I'm encouraged to go to the white field.)

Mucho Amor,
Élder Adamson

Temple view when they are coming down the stairs.  

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