Monday, September 2, 2013

MALAGA tomorrow!!

Hey family!!  I just have a couple minutes to send a short email and I just wanted to get a quick hello in today.  I can´t even believe I´m going to MÁLAGA tomorrow.  It´s so weird that I´m actually heading out to the field now.  I´m so so so so so so so SO excited, but a little nervous as well.  All I can think about is getting off the train and going to the mission home to meet President Deere and my new companion for the first time.  On the other hand, the MTC has been quite a roller coaster of emotions but I´ve loved just about every second of it.  I´ve made so many good friends here and learned a ton from the testimonies of my teachers and leaders.  I still feel like I know about 1% of what I need to know about how to be a good missionary, but I´m sure the field will be quite the refiner´s fire.  Anyway, I don´t want to take up all the other missionaries time because the entire MTC has to write within a 2 hour block and that doesn´t equate to much for each person.  Everyone is anxious to get on the computer behind me.  Thanks for all the love and I´m excited to let you know about the first week or few days in the field.  I´m not sure when my P day will be but I´ve heard Monday, so I´m not positive if that´s the right or not.  I´ll let you know.

Elder Adamson

P.S.  Check out 1 Peter 4:12-14 because it´s super good and a good inspiration for when there´s opposition to the church.  When there´s opposition that doesn´t make the church any less true.  I love the gospel and can´t wait to start spreading it down south!  Love you!

Elder Adamson's District and Teachers in Madrid

Elders who shared a room with Elder Adamson at the MTC

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