Monday, September 9, 2013

Elder Adamson travels to Murcia

Elder Galarza and Elder Adamson are on their way to Murcia

Well, I´m in my area now for real!!  This week has been so weird but super exciting.

In Fuengirola, we had to stay an extra day there because we are the missionaries that were going far and it took a little longer for us to get some things done, but to make a long story short, I stayed in a hotel called El Cid and I stayed in a Disney Princess themed room.  I would attach a picture of it but unfortunately I left my camera in the piso.  Anyway, so I don´t know if you´ve looked at the mission blog or not, but there should be a picture of me and my companion on there.  His name is Elder Galarza and he´s a pretty little guy.  He looks a little ticked in the picture, but he´s a pretty happy fellow.  He was born in Ecuador and honestly speaks hardly any English.  I got a little worried when someone had to translate what President Deere was saying for him in the meeting.  He has lived in Spain for 11 years and is a recent convert.  He was baptized just two years ago, but he knows so much about the gospel.  So far, we´ve been able to communicate fine though.   He´s only been in the field for 3 months and now he´s training me.  Our area is Murcia which is a city in the east side of Spain.  We´re also opening a new area which is pretty weird because we don´t really have progressing investigators yet, but  Elder Galarza knows what he´s doing.  I just follow him like a little duckling.  We have a super cool district and ward though.  Our ward has 2 pairs of Elders and a pair of Hermanas.  The past few days we´ve just been meeting all the members and trying to find a base of people we can teach like menos activos and old investigators.  On one of the nights we got super off track on a bus and I had no idea where the heck we were, but we found our way to the members house.  When we visit members I just kind of sit and try to focus my entire brain on understanding what the people are saying to me and Elder Galarza. They also REALLY like to call on me for prayers.  The people here are pretty hard to understand, especially the native spaniards.  They drop the endings on pretty much every word so I have to fill in the blanks in my head which is kinda tough.  Elder Galarza speaks really clearly though.  Thanks heavens.  On our first day here, we went on splits with Elder Webb and Clark so we could establish ourselves a little.  Elder Clark and I went to visit people but had no luck.  I learned a lot just from talking to him though.  He´s only been out about 7 weeks, but he knows a lot, so hopefully I´ll be there by 7 weeks.  We haven´t taught any investigators yet because there is a lot to do when you open an area at the start, but hopefully this week we can start doing some teaching.

Yesterday at church was quite the experience.  During sacrament meeting the bishop had all the new missionaries bear their testimonies.  The people were very nice and welcoming to me which was great.  They told me I had a good accent which was a little confidence booster.  Some missionaries here are really good at the language, but they don't use the accent, which doesn't really make sense to me.  After church, we headed home and did our weekly planning session because we didn't get a chance to do it earlier this week.

Our piso is new (missionaries haven´t lived there before) so we don´t have a lot of things, but it´s a nice little place.  Our kitchen is kind of like a little hallway, but we have a dishwasher and what not.  We don´t have a microwave or iron though, which is kind of a bummer. It´s nice that we have our own place now though, beats the MTC rooms for sure.  We´ve been eating things like tortilla de patata which is a spanish dish.  kind of like a thick omelet with potatoes and onions.  Dad would love it. I also tried Horchata for the first time at the Bishop's house.  It was weird.  Kind of refreshing but, at the same time tasted a little like dirt.  

I think that´s a pretty good summary of the week.  It´s really scatter brained because I forgot to bring my journal to the internet cafe...  Also my camera.  I´ll send some pics next week.  

I´m sure I left a ton of stuff out, but just list a bunch of questions about what you want to know.  I have an hour and a half of internet time now, so I'm not really in a hurry anymore.  Emails are probably the best way to reach me now, but letters are good too!.  I´m not really sure of what our address is yet and I´ll tell you when I am, but for now letters can be sent to the mission home in Fuengirola.  You have the address in my call packet and it´s also on my facebook.  Also, don´t sent packages to the piso, because I think I have to be there to sign for them and it´s a complicated thing.  I´m not asking for a package, but if you send one, send it to the mission office.

Love you family!!!  I´ll talk to you again next week!

Elder Adamson

This is the room Elder Adamson stayed in while waiting to go to his area.

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